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Saturday, October 15, 2011


                 There  is , in my estimation, absolutely  no one worst than a fraud. In short, a phony , or someone who profess to be something that they are not deep inside , but continues along a particular part because of some short term gain. We see them everyday , at work,close  neighbors, with celebrities ,the pseudo spiritual world , and of course, the most important arena  of all, that has implication for all of us , politics. 
      Ooooh yesss, I can hear you exclaim , I know one or two , too many of such creatures.  Speaking of which, there on the top stories in  one of my favorite papers , is a smiling Hilary Clinton , lapping up the adulation's in Cris  Cristi fashion of being a savior of the Democratic party, while vehemently  exclaiming to the world that she is finished with politics , in 15 months , after her tenure as Secretary of State during the Obama  1st term . 
    Mind you , she has that fake grin , we have all  gotten so accustomed to , as she try to put that spin on a subject for the consumption of too many of her gullible fans . You know the type,, as also practiced so well, by  a shelty fox  in a hen house . 
What do you know , the contagious spirit of pro democratic 'Arab Springs,'  protesters ,catching on like wild fire all across America  beginning in New York. Since actions  ,speak louder than words, here is a quote to prove my point, as Hillary Tammy Wynnet , tries not too hard to ingratiate herself with struggling Americans. As the country titters on the brink of total anarchy , collapse , and civil war due to unemployment, and failed governmental policies and selfish greed by over cuddled , vision less business entities, she said the following:- “ China has been gaming the system  to hold down the currency  to give it’s companies a leg up,Brazil and India , growing economies have transformed them into world powers, , have put economics at the center of their foreign policies. We have  to position ourselves to lead in a world where security  is shaped in the boardrooms and on the trading floors, as well as our battle field.” 
     Really Hillary, and what were you doing for the past two years as you traverse the globe, giving Israel the green light  to build more settlement, and the middle finger to Palestinian Arabs seeking justice? The last time I checked , no one was making any bold step including you to tell China to join the 21st century and end it’s blatant Human Rights abuses , child labor pirating , and infringement of copyrights laws , as they steal American inventions, produce sub par products , with no adherence to globally acceptable standard , to then flood the markets for  desperate Americans. Do you dare to tell one of the thousands of companies that support your husband fancy economic development initiatives , that they should start being patriotic , and invest in America , so as to offer employments to Americans ? 
  Since you were” ready from day one,  “ to support G.W. Bush wars , and so did nothing more than support further escalation in Afghanistan, and Iraq , because you did not want history to show 50 years from now, that America lost another war against war ,or help emboldened radical Islam , while an inexperience ,disingenuous female ,one time young Republican ,Secretary of State,called Hillary ,was in charge,should we take you seriously?.
      Well naturally , Hillary as an American herself ,is playing into a phony culture of 50 million pieces , of still disgruntled fans  of  people , that would support her run again for the Presidency  , this time against her present  boss Obama, without admitting that had he been white like the previous leaders before him , this would not be the case. So embedded is the phoniness. 
   The phoniness of the national 4th estate media establishment is legendary, as too many try to hide behind psyco babble , jargon , and suspect ideology by speaking out forcefully on everything that ills America today, but were all silent as the country’s first MBA  President G.W. Bush systematically destroy his country via wasteful spending, political mismanagement, cronyism , and blatant corruption , via lack of prudent regulations on agencies that were in trusted in protecting the people that voted him into power. 
       OK , I take   back my previous comment that politicians are the 'crem la crem,' of the phonies  ,as they have strong rivals in the 1% ultra rich capitalist  business community. Tell me New York, that  you don’t feel like kicking  Mike Bloomberg , and Donald Trump in the face every time you hear them open their mouth, about getting government off  business back, even as they both exploit the system at every chance to advance their private cause , and economic war chest? 
    I swear, if I here Warren Buffet prattle away on TV , on the rich need to pay more taxes , I personally would find the TV studio he is talking on and punch him in the face, as both him ,and pal Bill Gates, has taken greed to different levels , and is living proof as to what is exceedingly wrong with American capitalism, where a small percentage  of folks ,hold all  the wealth , does % percentage of the labor , and continually screws the working masses. 
           Speaking of greed , and phoniness , RIP Steve Job. He is dead at  what 53, and has acquired billions , due in great measure to having the majority of his companies, scattered across the globe, in exotic places ,such as China, where cheap ,sweatshop , none unionized labor,  abounds, and Americans  jobless ,continually starve,while trying to purchase his products. 
  Let truth prevail, and it's a beautiful day!

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