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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


   So how do we keep our kids motivated, as so many  still hold on to the fast fading  notion ,that they too have a chance to grow up to become something worthwhile, or rather ,can inherit a better place than their fore parents met, even if their parents aren't Barrack , and Mitchelle Obama , the Trumps, P Diddy ,or Warren  Buffet? Found my self in a recent discussion with a  young colleague  , whose country  Liberia , has seen more wars than anyone in these United States, can ever imagine. 
   Well , maybe a child soldier ,in the worst part of  Africa,is no different, to a 10 year old gang banger, wannabe recruit living in economically eroding, Chicago West Side , LA , devastated Detroit , or New  York projects , where   frustrated  Hispanic chicaquitas , and Afrikan foxy mamas dominate , still dreaming of a papa doing life for murder , or hustling 10 grams of crack, while blaming the FBI ,and a careless government ,for their  plight , and that of family.  
    Some say that they are different from young, white 18 year old kids ,that once innocent  Timothy McVeigh, David Laffer ,and  Jared Lee loughner were , before  they all joined the military to escape poverty , and seek fortune, only to then evolve  from hopeless frustrated kids , into well trained ,patriotic,killing machine, fighters for America? You remember them , as they all  eventually, retuned home ,to find an America they could  not recognize , much less live in ,after enduring  so many months of existence, in fox holes, and so  if lucky ,become abusing ,law enforcement police or prison officials, terrorist, and if not,  instead, unemployable , lonely , angry ,neo racial agitators - that are easy fodder , for  KKK bozos,pretending to be anti  Obama government,’all immigrants are evil , job stealers,’ none tax paying border  militias, called activist?  
    Fast forward to today, a few months before election, and we see an ideological battle brewing  for the hearts, and mind of American voters , with both parties attempting, along with a desperate President , hoping to bottle the mood  of agitated citizens, to good use. 
    So  what do we have in the aftermath of a bloody  US $2 billion , 8 months ,beat down of  lifetime terrorist, diabolical , oil  saturated North African dictator Mummar Quaddifi,we see the Obama doctrine come into better fruition,  and here it is. 
       Pull out most visible troops from Iraq , without really doing so, or touching the thousands of private contractors that will remain, thus to  satisfy the corporate interest.
       Immediately sending a few military personnel to suddenly oil rich Uganda, under the guise that  as first President of an Afrikan immigrant , is not only obsessed over Israel and  their Arab Palestinian cousins ,love feast. Instead he is   suddenly concerned about the Lords Resistance thugs , who have been terrorizing kids for what two decades , turning the males to child soldiers , and the females wives of fake military  barbarians? 
   Multilateralism , has never been so  good  some think , especially when oils , gas ,and other lucrative benefits ,are for the taking. In the mean time ,Yemen, Syria ,Saudi Arabia , and Bahrain , where rights of individuals, are trampled underfoot? Well , your guess is as good as mine, especially if American dissidents are treated , ...not so terribly?
         As for the domestic front , the President would not get his jobs bills passed, as his Republican rivals , with a 2012 elections to win , won’t support any more government, jobs  stimulating  spending , on teachers, police , and other law enforcement officials, or  help rebuild decrepit, crumbling  infrastructures, as they wish for government to get off the people’s back , unless it’s in injecting underage kids with drugs to curb inconclusive diseases, destined to destroy them long into the future , when pharmaceutical corporate lobbyist  ,makes billions ,experimenting , from drugs tested on  lab rats.
      Is it fair to conclude that security for kids will remain an elusive dreams ,  be they white, red , black, yellow , or brown living in Afrika, Middle East, China, latin America ,  Europe, Russia, or USA? Maybe so.  Sing  with by late
    ' Afrikan ,Socratic ,Philosophical Brothaz ,' Tupac, but what a pity  he too, could not be as astute to see much less . prevent an untimely , early demise via , what else the bullet of a gun created in capitalist fiefdom , America. 

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