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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Desperate Fights for Hearts & Minds

    Moral Conservatism ?Sorry Governor Perry, we’ve been down that part before, and look what it got us, G.W Bush ,aka the MBA President, for eight years,  two ill conceived ,un -winnable wars, a national, and eventual  global recession, and a whole lot of disgruntled , unemployed Americans in the wake, looking expectantly to Obama , more certain of becoming  the next white ,Miss America , than maybe winning a 2nd term in office, even with the lack of any viable competition. 
  'Changes we can believe in,'  he said again, on another of his well attended , not too subtle ,2012 , re election speeches ? Sorry Uncle Obama, you too trotted out that fine line, two years ago , and the results are most despicable. It’s your fault , and so the people ain’t buying anymore buddy, for look what they got for their faith in you, as opposed to the evil ,  fringe lunatic , military elite , of bomb , 'bomb , bomb, Iran' fame, in John Mc Cain?  

You know it, corporate Wall Street bandits, flipping young, unemployed kids , and now homeless  parents,the bird, as they move around in their chauffere  driven , expensively tinted ,foreign made cars , across  the City of New York, and  gratefully expanding nationally, where no sell out ,clueless , Tea Party  member, dare enter again.
  Expansion of wars , in regions where hearts ,and minds of allies , and foe alike ,are being lost as we speak, business as usual ,in the racially insensitive American  Justice ,and law enforcement system, so much so ,that a white confessed , and convicted murderer, can be spared the death penalty in Georgia, while a  death row convict ,that looks a bit like you ,is murdered by the State, even as many soundly touted his innocence across the globe. Maybe some day , you can have the courage to do the right thing , away from your pollsters, and close advisors, by ending the death penalty, and so bring America into the 21th Century, UN Millennium   arena ,of more civilize countries, being this one time community activist for the Afrikan American poor , the result of your exalted, Harvard constitutional legal  training and all, yes?
     How about ,that recent , incomprehensible slap in the face  response , to desperate Palestinians seeking some political support , on the most important Global Stage  imaginable, a la the United Nations General Assembly. The typical ,butt kissing , and pandering to a selective forceful lobbying voice , across the Jewish community,was reprehensible , as it was so obviously political in nature.  I am almost certain  that presently, those well intentioned,Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee members , are finally bowing  their heads in shame , for even considering, much less giving you, that coveted prize some two years ago , when you never did anything tangible to show that you too ,was not an educated elitist , war mongering , phony Christian ,pro genocidal maniac , just like your immediate successor, G.W Bush. Their fault , for not doing proper vetting , I guess.  
         On a lighter note, an  ex Marine , ardent poker , gambling fanatic ,and colleague ,Johnny Chad, had made fine plans upon your election  ,as he expected some quick  regularization in relations between Cuba and America , so as to now  enjoy Havana  excellent weather ,exotic  girls , and tourist oriented casinos , but what is he seeing  instead ,that has him still pissed? A still angry , and defiant  ,octogenarian  named Fidel Castro,his Military henchman  brother Raul ,holding on for dear life to prop up that stupid ,illogical socialist  legacy, millions of desperate Cubans suffering in that country , with no food , but  great  hospitals, and a small , wealthy minority, of anti Castro expats ,divvying up their often ,  ill gotten spoils , to politicians of both camps of the Republicans, and  Democratic party , to see who want’s Florida most , while continual disenfranchisement of ,who else , people that looks like you , takes place , not only in Florida, but anywhere folks might vote for  Democratic candidates.Your call , along with Mr Holder , your Justice Department , sleeping , all talking , head guru , to finally do something about such electoral injustices, as started by diabolical agents ,of  fake Texan cowboy , Yale  frat boy , and East Coast , gold shovel in the mouth , elite G.W. Bush. 
           Cannot say that I am not looking forward keenly to the next  pivotal Republican debate tomorrow , as the Elephant   race is getting a bit muddled , as to who really wish to be the big enchilada ,come 2012 November.Herman Cain , the rags to riches businessman executive  , turn flavor of the month 'politicos,'  Love the death penalty , State murdering Governor, Rick Perry, aka G.W Bush11,or  his ultra wealthy ,much despised Mormon , Liberal Conservative rival Mitt  Romney, aka the 'flip flopper in Chief ,' depending on the polls?   Let the best man win , and thank goodness , American politicians,though adoring their 2nd Amendment guns, have advanced a bit more, since the days of their less  civilize founding fathers ,such as  one time West Indian  immigrant , turned Treasury Secretary ,Alexander Hamilton, and  shooting rival  Mr Aaron Burr, or the morally repugnant , Afrikan woman rapist , Thomas Jefferson, who  only bedded his female slaves , impregnated them , and refused to free any, upon leaving office.
 Hey Rick Perry , it’s your call, as Herman Cain is looking for an invitation to your ever  popular ,‘Texan Nigger Ranch,’ so don’t discriminate, when he , as the eventual RNC Presidential candidate winner, may be forced to come  looking for a likely VP , to balance his ticket, yes? 
   We certainly  know how much you , and the rabid ,Southern Christian , Far Right bunch, despise Mormons, and think they do not believe in Jesus , but the fundamental question is ,  should    Jews ,naively  continue to  feel ,equally safe in supporting you , if they know  , that deep within the inner recesses of  your wicked , anti Afrikan  heart, that the lingering thought remains as to the fact that they were indirectly responsible for murdering  your blond , blue eyed Jesus? 
  More interestingly, can  desperate , politically confused ,Hispanic voters ,again allow themselves to be fooled by another wannabe cowboy ,who  back then ,spoke  two words in  Spanish , simply because you allowed some grateful low wage ,  Mexican worker’s kids into school , as opposed to sending them to prison ,which was your really intention ? Uncle Obama , a word of advise please? As1st Afrikan Mayor of New York ,David Dinkins would tell you, if interested , the loyalty of most Hispanic voters, are very freckle ,as snow flakes in August, so take your Supreme High Court  Justice nomination, of  Sonia Sotomayor ,and do what you wish  with her, as your tentative , baby steps on immigration reform , is sending most in that camp loco, mi Amigo . 
    Since in the words of Tip O’Neal , “all politics is local ,” therefore , let the race begin, or rather continue ,for the hearts ,and minds of a folks , both international, a la Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, Egypt,Israel, Sudan, Cuba, Libya , and of course domestic, in  these United States, yes? 

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