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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Blues& reflection on Scary, Contentious ,Dysfunctional , Media Whores

        In the estimation of millions globally, America remains  , perhaps still ,the greatest country , and most desirous for migrating to , on earth, but there is one fundamental truism , I am coming around to accepting , more and more lately, and it more scary, than funny anymore. I am trying to expand also on a major theory of global significant,that I believe help explain why some countries evolve to greatness, while others  repeatedly fail irrespective of wealth , intelligence of it’s leaders, education of population,and military might. This is, that , only countries that also find some way to empower their women , in all aspect can eventually rise , and for the record ,I am not referring to simply having a political leader whose papa was a President, husband was a Prime Minister, or some glorified economic business elite , but  regular women, irrespective of racial , ethnic, or initial social status .In like manner , societies that decay and finally, do so ,when their uncontrollable  women, plays a significant roll in dragging the country down , for all sorts of sociological reasons , one can add. 
      Enter, stage right,America. World War 11, allowed  her mainly Caucasian women, a chance to come into their own , and established basic rights,devoid of historically controlling men , who were busy killing Germans,and dying themselves en mass, in Europe, at the time.
    These suddenly independent women ,manned the factories, worked  tirelessly ,kept America safe , and functioning , as well as provided the necessary fuel for the war structured post depression economy, Many enjoyed also the sexual liberation , and so indulged in all sorts of activities unbeknown to many , and many were ill prepared to revert back to such dreary , pregnant every other week, Bible reading , para puritanical existence, when these men returned home, and thanks to politically progressive  FDR ,and his, europeanized , neo feminist wife  Eleanor , most , had nothing to fear along that score. 
 As for the other irrelevant women of America at the time , like  Pocahontas , the Gandchild of white man’s ,head scalper in chief ,Sitting  Bull, or worst yet, part human , Afrikan slave wives  , such as  Madame Long Dong Silver ,thy  had absolutely no rights whatsoever. . 
   Fast forward to 2011, and for over 60 years ,America remained the envy of the world, and with the help of TV , Hollywood, and finally the internet ,and  has been able to maintain that monopoly as they sold cheap trills,along with  sex,drugs , social frivolities, and empty escapism with impunity ,for all who so desire. How else do you explain how no talented, partially beautiful , emotionally insecure creatures ,such as Britney Spears,Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera,Madonna, Cheer,Angela Jolie ,  Marylyn Monroe, Lindsay Lohan , Parish Hilton, Ann Nicole Smith, Nicole Richie , and to top it off,soon to be divorce after 6 weeks, Kim Kardashian ,can  assume cult status globally? 
    Each of these obviously sick , yet crafty creatures , have tried to outdo each other ,in some more outrageous way than the other ,which  is   sometimes so shocking , that  many of their acts , are  not fit for normal human consumption , especially if one is under age. 
    Take Kim, she only married what some two months, and totally  collected some 40 or more millions from royalties due to the over the top , lavish wedding, but along with her mom is planning which guy she should hook up with , after  first finding a way to get a substantial part of her soon to be ex NBA, main squeeze victim's contract, he signed on to, before they met. She recently announced on ,of all places a gay TV talk show comedian  set , that she was  fed up , while maybe looking for sympathy, from someone who sees all  male female heterosexual , intimate relations ,as rape, so go figure.  
     Paris Hilton get’s caught with more drugs , stuck  her private parts , than we can count, and won’t hesitate to flash  her inner thighs , for the world, before an ever so  conveniently  placed photojournalist, who won’t hesitate to do the honors.
 In the music entertainment world anyone  close to , or over 30 ,is considered old , so Britney and Christina are right up there, and their great grand mom Madonna, who would do anything short of walking naked , while trying to remain in the spotlight , that even their celebrity kids, are disowning across social media , and in the public , due to embarrassment.
  The two dresses , like 10 year old East Asian ballerinas, entertaining  Mao’s Red army troops during the heights of the Vietnam War, while the other dates young guys ,so young , their parents were not even born as yet when she lost her virginity at 13. Just not right Madonna, as you are confusing your daughter .
Lionel  Richie adopted  girl  Nicole ,has finally grown up from her anorexia penchant, and disgust at being second fiddle to her Black former super entertainment high flying  Father Lionel .
    Lindsay Lohan ,her friend , has breach so many probation , due to alcohol and other drug relapse , that the DA , and Judges , still trying to keep he, and crazy ,juvenile dad, out of prison , might be all vying for the Mother Theresa forgiveness  award , for all you know.  
 Not sure if after making billions in her movies , Angela has gotten over her fathers , .....what ever , he did to her ... and so she might have started speaking to him again, but she too has fallen into a seeming depression , and has lost almost 100 pounds, via some weird  crash diet.
 What more can a lady want , when she got the man of her dreams , stolen from America’s Friends  TV darling ,Jennifer Anniston . These were ,10 kids , five  adopted ,of mixed  race adopted, and five of her own ,made in what 3 years , and still fortunate not be bugged down by marriage?  
Jessica  Simpson’s problem, is the same as that of Oprah.They just cannot stay off the pork chops. Such does not count in America.  Anorexia is more sexy ,a story. 
 Are the  ‘ever -ready -bunny sisters’ of  Cheer, and Mia Farrow , to be blamed for this seeming media obsession , attention grabbers, and  dysfunctional relationship , go getting ,mainly  cuddled, entertainers? I say no. Leading actress,Audrey  Hepburn ,did exactly what Angela , and Mia have done for charity , but with a bit more class, knowing fully well that she , as a UN Goodwill Ambassador ,was a role model. The difference , was that Audrey was not  American by birth , but a naturalized citizen. Elin Nordegren , Tiger Woods wife ,lived the crazy whirlwind , rags to riches life , just like Kim , and any of the similar wild puppies that masquerade across our media, but in the end, she walked away cooly with over 100 million, her babies, found a new boyfriend, and yet on TV show , book deal or reality TV replication , and the difference maker ?  You bet . She too , was  not from here , but  instead  Sweden. Am I on a roll here? 
   Not to be outdone, are the celebrity political, and Corporate , American women , and leading the cast is none other than Hillary Tammy Wynnet Clinton. That stand by her man loyalty, made her into a millionaire global star, of epic proportion. That leaves us with the two  colorless  Rice sisters  , Condi , and  Susan  . We can then throw in  CEO  Ursula Burns , and wrap it all up with Oprah. Not bad , three Afrikan American , and one Euro American , all of which can keep their clothes on, while making an impact on the world. 
   There is hope yet for America, and more importantly, for those of us who enjoys observation of trendy influences,, the world at large , as this behavior , be it good ,bad , or ugly ,can go viral , globally. Stay tuned.

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