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Friday, October 28, 2011


“Beware of one who has  nothing to loose.” Italian Proverb
          There is something contagious about this era we are living in today, as we see young ,old rich and poor , of all colors, and religiously tinged ,cultural background , take a stand to push back on what they perceive as social injustices,and departure of a more pure ideal that early  revolutionary leaders had in mind when they took a particular part to progress.  No one has a monopoly as to distortion of the facts , and so I for one can be repulsed at a neo liberal opportunist, in like manner to the revulsion I can develop to a far right fringe closet fascist , and their not too concealed 4th estate  agents , that are hell bent on protecting a particular corporatist interest.
      Like most forms of global trends , there is nothing new, or  nationally exclusive about it these forceful press for change , or the sometimes very violent reactions to them , often from some of the most unusual places , as history would bear out. Some deem them terrorist, rouges, dissidents,  and vagabonds,while  others ,freedom fighters,same difference, depending on who has the power to shape the rules, and who is trying to gain a piece of the pie. for want of a better word.        Two decades ago, it was the folks of the former USSR, and satellite cousins across Eastern Europe , that  aimed to remove the yoke of socialism , by pushing  back against a system they felt served them no good, as constituted. 
   This eventually  got  Vodka aficionado ,Boris Yeltsin ,a Presidency of a  a truncated Super Power led by Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev a Nobel Peace Prize and everlasting shame by his  own people now nostalgic for a past they better understood ,and for the West , former Cowboy turned actor /politician ,Ronald Reagan , into  much beloved, iconic political immortality ,in the eyes of his countrymen,Voodoo Economics , Iran Contra drug/ guns/hostages scandals, notwithstanding, but who cares about history, in the America , aka ‘the land of the free,’  beyond the last color of Paris Hilton underwear, that was purposely flashed, for  the benefit , of a conveniently place photo journalist  eyes, the age ,and race of Cougar elite ,Madonna’s , most recent ,youth inducing , love joy, boy  toy, or heavens forbid , the the width of untalented ,Kim Kardashaian’s, over publicized  rear end.
   Not to be outdone , the Chinese had their flash in the pan escapade ,which ended  tragically ,in Tiananmen  Square  around the same time. Fast forward to 2011 , and the inheritor of the experiments in Europe and Russia , is questioning the folly of their decisions, as Europe stumbles economically, and Russia  witnessed an undemocratic henchman , ex KGB puppeteer Putin, make a fool of his country , thus making them  almost ,wish that Lenin was still alive. As for China , one of the main organizers is not a big time corporatist in Taiwan , and his country on the verge of being a superpower , even as the rights of the people are trampled underfoot with impunity, and  economic exploitation  of a desperate poor , remains the norm . Still not certain who is the enemy, the millions of foreign conglomerates, seeking cheap labor fame and fortune, or the closet Socialist , pretending that the revolting stupidity that pass for progress, is sustainable. 
   What those two epic  movement towards change have in common , is the fact that it was the people themselves from those countries that took the initiatives , and made mammoth sacrifices , in effort to acquire positive changes. 
       Are there any lessons that can be derived a few decades later , as we hear of  a social movement , refereed to as The Arab Springs ,that has  ignited  the entire Islamist Arab world?  Is the  recent politically entrenched , Neo Conservative Tea Party  folks , better patriots than ,their less organized , and heavily financed , liberal  ,Occupy Wall Street bunch , that has many in America scratch  their heads in consternation, as many try to figure out if they are for real. 
I won’t even attempt to hazard a guess on that one, but one can only hope that they are , as the runaway train that is America , is on a collision course, as excitable warmongering neo corporatist politicians , and their economic handlers were having a field day keeping us all out of the loop with televised distractions . 
   Take a stand. Drums , dancing , a committed people to a cause across the allegedly backward 3rd world , and Occupy Wall Street protesters?  
     It worked for the former , so maybe there is a reason Americans would never again see a revolution , much less, see one televised- except of course, it is one  that’s  ideologically palatable? 

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