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Saturday, October 22, 2011

War Mongrels, Fake religious , pro terrorist ,& the American Cash Cow

         One cannot help but be amused ,when hearing the lamentations of naive , young, desperate , directionless American protesters, who loudly , cries out for economic justice from Wall Street corporate thugs , and the politicians that cuddle them.
   Would any have the guts to demand that their leaders quit supporting, alleged victimized ,war mongrels in Israel, who would never do anything to prevent this lucrative cash cow that will continually come their way , so long as they pretend to be victims, or Arab ,as well as  South Asian bandits ,  pro terrorist  miscreants ,that will pretend to adore Americans,  as long as  it means, mucho dollars in aid?
   If  due to divide and rule ,  one political  fraction of  a socially   traumatized  people ,can come to the international community , and get the middle finger, by influential power brokers , and the opposing pro terror fraction , can simply free one  kidnapped victim, and in return get 1000 prisoners ,then what does that say about anyone's quest for meaningful peace , as opposed to maintenance of a convoluted, status quo, where deception remains  the norm.
      Likewise , as two stupid, expensive , non- winnable  wars ,rages on,with hidden body bags returning home daily with no one to see them . In case you did not already know , some $US2billion,  was just spent ,to simply murder, a rabid , undemocratic , Islamist ,North Afrikan  political thug called Qaddafi, but do Americans see the connection to their ghastly economic state, where military elites,& oil obsessed corporate entities ,control the political agenda, and  overall fortunes of their lives, as their own  cities crumble?
  If even with these over the top spending , and misguided fixation on foreign oil, and gas , Nobel  Peace prize winning President , can think about  another possible war with Iran , under the guise of nuclear compliance, or send troops to a recent oil  rich Uganda , under the guise of finding a child abusing , military criminal , that has been terrorizing that region for two decades, and the American people , via phony patriotism, still  remain silent, then  what should one conclude?
     Who knows? Hey  CNN media elites ,Wolf Blitzer, and flavor of the year , intellectual ,soft porn journalism head   guru ,Anderson Cooper, do any of  you care? No,you said , and  I would be better served to enquire  from  your other , phony liberal friends, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough ,and Ed Schultz,at MSNBC, or  Rupert Murdoch's , Right winged comedians O 'Riely, and Sean Hannidy, that prattle away nightly, on Faux 5, make up news , on nothing of substance ? Should we email some questions as to whether Americans are safer , in all three wars once thugs take over , be it  Afghanistan, Iraq , and now Libya , once the two legged weapons of mass destruction of their country departed?
     Now here is the bigger question , and or tragedy. Who suffers most , during post conflict reconstruction, the countries left with the carnage , or the traumatized ex soldiers returning home to their safe enclaves in America , and parts of Europe, where unemployment ,uncaring officials ,  violence , and social mayhem is the norm ? Maybe we should allow the charade to continue  unabated ,while victims- real , and imagined- as well as , blatant  perpetrators, of moral wrongs , pretend  to..., well fill in the blanks. 
 Who will be the next enemy, one should enquire? 

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