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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diamonds in the Rough

         I have said it before perhaps in jest,  but is beginning to see much more merits in my point of view that women are incapable of raising male kids  to be well rounded ,balanced, and psychologically adjusted adults.No offense ladies, and yes , there are a few exceptions to my observation, but I’ll stand by it, and even have the scars to prove it. Sorry to you my   late luving  granny, where ever she is on earth , hell , or heaven - take your pick. 
    But I digress. This theory was re enforce today , as I sat in a public park , trying to do some of my daily dose of life’s  chronicles. I observed what appeared to be a female guardian at work , with four boys under her care ,and a petulant adolescent in tow, ladened with pink hair , and god knows what slave piercings , I could care less about. Old school ,Grandma Guardian, by the way, could be in her early sixties , late fifties,arthritis , bandaged  feet  hobbling  and  all, in her Afrikan American majesty.As for the kids , the female looked  very  angry  about something,maybe for just being alive. As for  the four boys, one was an energetic Hispanic  two year old, while the  three others , maybe 4 , 5and 6  were  equally energized,ever-ready, battery powered  souls, that were a handful, for this seemingly overwhelmed woman. 
    My main concerns as I observed these kids was , why aren’t they in school, since with the exception of one , all others were of school age?I therefore tried to strike up a  friendly conversation , by asking firstly ,if they were having fun  , and why no school?  “Yes we are having fun ,” one said, “and I am pretending to be a policeman , while he is playing the bad guy ,” he added. “Are you sure it’s not the other way around ?”I enquired laughing at his response, and “why no school?” I still wanted to know. He murmured something incoherent, or maybe , I could not hear  it over shouts by Mama Panda Grandma , with fire in her eyes.
     “Stop , don’t climb there,”she barked. “When I say come  here ,you must come, no running, do not walk too far away from where I can see you,” but however, all these paled in comparison, to the biggest crime these innocent kids committed. Care to guess what that was ? Here it is , ‘never talk to strangers !!!!‘ 
 “Having a rough day?” I enquired from her as she returned  gratefully to a seat , after one of her numerous interventions, and party pooping operations. “No,” she boomed , “and  I am mad  as hell, because I told them ,not to talk to strangers , or  ignore,  any of my instructions,” she forcefully added. “Are you planning to hang them  for this  crime ?” I sarcastically retorted , having raised boys myself , who to this day never listened, even as young adults. “No, but you should know better, not to talk to kids.” “I can call the cops , just for that ,” she added more incensed. I was about to give her by phone to help speed up my incarceration , but thought otherwise, as I am claustrophobic , and have no such desire in this lifetime to be placed in a cell  for unmentionable crimes in these United States.
   She then followed up in voices that would make Lou Gosset Jr ,of Officer and a Gentleman notoriety,                                                                                                                 Tyrese of Annapolis movie fame , and that Damon Waynan guy ,and his funny  Major Payne  escapades envious , as she conducted further interrogations on why they did not comply , by walking away from strangers , or getting her permission before so doing , thus committing the crime of the century, in their very innocent lives. merely
   It was certainly a site to behold, of over the top , wasted energies , who forced me to tell her , that these kids were in my estimation in more danger , while suffocating under her concentration camp like guardianship, than any thing that can happen to them while merely  speaking to strangers. In the mean time, their foster sister, with  the angry demeanor, and pink hair, sat dutifully  , in reserved silence , while looking on  passively as the drama unfolded, and her younger brothers endured their dose of  psychological trauma.As I finished the second paragraph of this blog , and started  my vehicle  to escaped her treats , I could not help but speculate what these kids would evolve into, a few decades from now. 
      There is a fundamental lesson that many parents of all class , races , and even gender never appreciate  , but maybe is well worth learning. Children  must learn to be occasionally defiant, and say no to a directives, even when given by  loving ,caring parents, and the reasons are simple. There would come a time , when the big , bad wolf would come lurking with unwholesome spoils, and  questionable  entreatments, but such children would never be able to take a  worthwhile stand ,and say no, since  that word ,  was never inculcated in their psyche. Trust me  folks, fashioning diamonds from rough , ugly glass stones ,is not a job for the weak , foolish, or naive . It’s a pity , I could not pass that on  to this destructively over zealous , though  maybe ,well intentioned, guardian.  Stay tune , as I expand . We got to protect, and wisely  nurture  our future leaders, yes? 

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