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Friday, April 8, 2011

Social Accountability & Justice

    There is a debate raging across America today about the state of Black folks , and their future based on the way in which their kids are handling the passing of symbolic batons.  The camp is now divided between those who pat themselves on the back , if their kids do well , and that can include Bill the new spokesman for European family values. On the opposite spectrum , are those who are saying hey wait a minute Bill , with your simplistic self. Life in these United States can be more complicated than you project it  to be , and history matters. Each time America has an economic sneeze , Black America catches a pneumonia. Ain’t that right Doctor? 
     We luv us some Bill Crosby and other rags to riches folks of his elk, but some , not me , thinks  he a promiscuous hypocrite,or tool of the right , who has he allowed old age cynicism to cloud his judgement.  Some might even agree, that he has conveniently transferred his unresolved anger due to the loss of his son , on all of Black America, when the murder was committed by a  White European individual looser.  Others in  conspiratorial circles , are not feeling his beat down of a young Autumn Jackson , who claimed he was her sperm bank  father.
       They think that it was too much of a co incident that the media savvy young lady’s claim of unplanned parenthood, was made on the very day that Bill was forced to deal with the sudden death of his PhD candidate  son , and that sends up too many red flags, reminiscent  to Michael Jordan’s  Chicago dad  death , at the same time when it became public knowledge that he had a  gambling problem and owed golfing buddies thousands , he refused to pay. Talk about fake family values , 27 year old Ennis Crosby his son , was driving a $115,000 Mercedes when he was shot  like an animal on the road way, but  low caste Jackson, only got a total of $28,000 in  22 years , as hush money until she said no mass. 
    Let me check his comments on throw back Crosby like pimp, aka Black  Rap royalty, P Diddy , giving a $360,000 dollar car to his 16 year old ,out of wedlock, budding elitist kid for his birthday. 
        Speaking of P DIddy, some say that injustice prevails in America , and that may be true , but for Bill Crosby , did his pocket book worked to his advantage  ,in like  manner  to one time gun swinger/ fake hard core Rapper P Diddy , and  J Lo , his over ambitious ,one time Latino Afrocentric boogy down Bronxville , bootilicious  rear candy? 
 Did  Bill  save himself a couple millions and so was favorably rewarded ,due to his penchant for denouncing his race like Clarence Thomas , George  W. Bush right hand Mexican Judge AG Gonzales fellow, or Condi the piano player , Russian expert  life time single power horse? You be the judge. Now  I could give a darm about the sexual peccadilloes of Black folks, be they great grand kids of plantation slavery, or African still stuck on the virgin continent , who see women as expendable foot cloths to be used , abused ,and discard. What I am against  however is hypocrisy of any form,especially when practiced by self serving, finger pointing , condescending  , intellectual  middle class elitist frauds.  
     Speaking of them , do you remember a guy called Dr  William Kennedy,or the Duke Lacrosse team?
You should, as they too were the beneficiary of  privileged ,preferential treatments against  unfortunate  women folks - the latter of which, suffered  blatant public demonizations.

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