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Sunday, July 3, 2011

De Afrikan Dilemma

 Yep Mama Afrika,but  such wasted nostalgia. Just maybe ,the white savages that introduced slavery to the world, was not that bad in helping the likes of Peter Tosh, to escape such drudgery.
     Perhaps , I spoke too soon , for  he too was cut down by acts of  gun savagery, in Jamaica his Caribbean home 24 years ago. Oh Ye Global Afrikans!

 Hey Maestro , who is the  immoral enemy now, Ian Smith ,or Mugabe, Pick Bota , or the new Zulu Chief in charge of under achieving South Afrika? If you too was alive, and not  chopped down prematurely ,  which poison would you pick? 
 Is there hope yet?
Here is the reality , as  South African Boar/British, by product Charlize Theron, witnessed  her  mom murder her drunken father , and  yet mama escaped, any consequences.
    The lucky creature , was taken away from the continent's crisis , and was  eventually shipped off to America ,to become a movie , Oscar winning star.  In contrast ,Lucky Dube , a socially conscious musical  sensation, was gun down by a bullet, as this was witnessed by his son and daughter. 
We know how his  unlucky kids might turn out in the slums of Johannesburg. 
    It might take another hundred years for  kids from Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Angola, Serra Leone, Congo, Liberia, and Mozambique  to over come the effects of wars, and other degradations inflicted on their respective countries, by callous leaders. In the interim , let's dream on of warriors, yes?

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