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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pandering R Us

      Just saw a couple things in the media , and it made me mad as hell, and I swear I won’t take it anymore , even if I cannot do anything , but rant.Here they are in order of levels in which it made me mad. First off the lot is to see millionaire sports jock, and former dog fighting enthusiast  , aka worst criminal in American history  after OJ , in  Michael  Vick, run to Congress like a sick puppy, trying to ingratiate himself with advertisement corporate masters ,pander to lawmakers , and regain the alleged love of neo racist media punks such as rabid Conservative Tucker,and Rush Limbeaugh , sex starved , lonely , European women with dogs as sole  companions , but  could care less for the desperate class, who can never spend a day in America , unless they could snatch some bargain , of  an overpriced item brought into existence by an under aged Chinese, forced labor  kid from the Zhejiang region , whose parent would prefer to drown him , his sister, and the rest of desperate siblings , before giving up   his favorite food of  dog meat.
Here is a message to Michael, in case he did not know already. Get your priorities straight  would you? Every night 1.5 million kids go homeless in these United States.,8599,1883966,00.html
 Over a  million remain hungry each night. 
Maybe another 12 million are without proper health care.
 As for that two year holiday half way house you ended up in after failing to snitch on alleged friends?  Well, nearly half of the 2.6 million adults in American Prisons , might have spent some time in the juvenile system for some similar stupid reasons  , that had absolutely nada to do with ending crimes. 
   It is estimated that on any given day ,there are some 93, 000 kids in the juvenile system. Most are sexually exploited , with also  up to 200 000 charged as adults.
 Since most do not vote , then we know why little attention is paid to them. 

You have thus far, wasted some $200 million throwing balls around playing fields across America, and may yet make another 200 million ,before your playing days are over, so get with the program. Cousin Warrick  Dunn is feeling a bit lonely up there , with his  meaningful Foundation, focus , and   life’s  redemption efforts.
    Some , maybe wisely, think that  there is absolutely no reason why Afrikan folks in this country should not be fearful of dogs, based on their  horrid  history   experienced under the direct hands of Christian slave masters for over what, 400 years?  Not saying any should be reluctant to send a dollar occasionally to PETA , and other animal rights bunch , but save some luv for the two legged creatures.     The second item was the fact that the lawyers for the  Jewish child murderer Livi Aron  claimed that he might stage an insanity plea for his client after he preyed on  , then murdered  innocent 8 year old  Leiby Kletzky .Death Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky
Remember when certain segments of the criminals population were admonished to accept responsibility for their actions ,and quit throwing themselves at the mercy of victims , while trying to extricate themselves from conviction- which was their right ? Then , one must understand that folks such as  former veteran soldier ,David Laffer , aka the Long Island dope fiend, Pharmacy shooter , along with wife might be the exception. 
    How about former Afghan vet, and Tucson Arizona  shooting terrorist , Jared Loughner  , who came close to also  murdering a member of Congress in Gabrielle Gifford?    
  Weren't  Bonnie and Clyde put to death , in a gruesome manner ,for doing close to the same thing that the Ponzi crook ,Bernie Medoff pull off, who only stole what ,US $ 50 Billion , then according to speculations, then sent  the majority to his ancestral home, so as to save his hide once the heat was piling on? He then left 2 million of the stolen loot ,with his ever so innocent wife, and heavens knows how much for his equally  devious,and crooked sons?  
Ok , the  former  two engaged in violence , and used indiscriminate actions to achieve their goals , while the latter, destroyed lives in equal , proportions , but can instead live to await a Presidential pardon , maybe in 2016. 
The Frenchman ,lifetime rapist,  IMF Chief Dominique Strauss Kahn ,was able to wiggle his way out of trouble  with the aid of his New York Times journalist buddies in America, via selectively desecrating the not so stellar character of his female Afrikan accuser / victim , but would an Heavy weight, out of control boxer such as Mike Tyson, or an NFL  gun nut self shooting  , over paid , delusional character,  such as former Giants Plaxico be so lucky?
Another accuser  this time European , has emerged from the woodwork , and we can guess how the result of this new accusation might turn out.
One  day we can speculate , as to why some selective minorities , are more special than others, and destined for a rosier victims  treatment, yes?
 In the mean time , let the pandering continue unabated ,yes Michael?
Equal playing field justice will remain on the  sideline for the moment, hmmmm? 

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