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Monday, July 4, 2011

Revolutionary Fireworks

       As we look across the social pantheon of human existence ,one thing  remains  clear to even the blindest , and or dimwitted  amongst us. Global Afrikan peoples,of all strips,and with very few exceptions, are forever  locked in  what is more and more evident, a perpetual state of despair, human  squalor , second class citizenry ,low caste state of pitiful human existence, and to anyone  with anything close to a conscience, heart , or sense of empathy , such can never be  right.  It is obvious  to the most innocent of observers, what is the paramount cause of this socio economic , and political malady, and here it is . 
     The unfortunate inculcation of an ingrained sense of 'self hatred,'  by an entire mass of people bare none, be they educate , illiterate , short or tall , king or irrelevant peasant. Let’s keep it real people ,for  is there a body of people on this planet, that has been more hated , maligned , ignored, demonized , and abused ,than  Global Afrikan people? Wake me up if you can , and let me watch you fail as you try to convince me that 800,000 Europeans would be murdered in one month, and the much revered  international Community led by the self serving , five headed monster,political power of USA, China, France , Russian, and  Great Britain , would sit idly by twiddling their thumbs, while  sipping tea , with a Caucasian Secretary General , trying to interpret, the finer intricacies, on what passes for International Laws on what is genocide. 
    Give me a pat on the head , the day the sole remaining global Super Power USA , would have it’s entire Domestic , and International policies, shaped by the need to advance the causes of an Afrikan individual, state , much less Continent, the way they have for fellow Europeans , Israel , any Jewish person,living , dead, or  still stuck in their Mamas womb, and or wiggling their way to future life as an insignificant sperm in Papas  sexual bank.
 Can I get a hollar, when Afrikan people from Australia, to Timbucktu,Ukrain to Columbia, Brazil, Southern Italy, North Carolina, Virginia, Northumberland, Prince Edwards Island, Beijing  , New Deli , and Rijhad, and still European Economically dominated ,South Afrika, would be treated with the love ,and respect  due like any other race of people on earth, even by their own ?
  Let me see by show of hands, all who wish to call Jupiter home any time soon , as wasteful expenditures are used on Space programs. Nyet?  I thought so too.  Afrikan folks it seems, have seen some of the worst wars,devastating poverty,deadly , incurable diseases, and wanton  acts of human savagery , against each other , imaginable. Sadly though , no one is willing  to own up to their responsibilities, as to how the situations got this precarious,why it continues unabated,almost as if akin to a  norm ,and what can be immediately  done  ,to rectify the ever expanding , ghastly  situation , as  a first step to healing the fragile planet, and  therefore ,make this a more pleasant,global environment,we can still all wish to call home. 
       Ironically ,there are many things that Global Afrikans are,  as a collective  people , as opposed to what they have been portrayed  so to be, or worst yet ,come to  fully accept .They are beautiful , peaceful, loving , law abiding , industrious , enterprising ,and resilient people , as proven in numerous occasions across history.
   They are no more over sexed,uncivilized,ugly,abusive,morally callous,culturally depraved savages, than any Asian,European,or Eskimo, alive.They bleed the same blood, just like other fellow humans,had their resources repeatedly stolen by more races of people alive,or  dead, and are the people that have contributed most to the development of  other civilizations , via their blood , sweat, and tears , and that’s an undisputed fact ,even the most ardent , doubtful, conveniently amnesiac  revisionists can proclaim. 
     Now,since I am major Humanist  practitioner of practical make up,more interested in finding solutions, as opposed to waddling in perpetual muddle of despair , as enjoyed by too many, here to me is the  real challenge , and that is, finding some  lasting solution  to rectify this wrong ,whereby if there was a GOD ,he should be taken , blind folded , and shot in the back of the head by an adoring  Democratic Chinese , Christian General , for  daring to create  a world, where one people who can still claim to be his  chosen children  , and yet are treated with such utter contempt, not only by said  alleged creator, but most of the rest of humanity - especially themselves. 
 We are ready to engage in  new Revolutions , as this revolting , Helter Skelter ,state of human existence, cannot be allowed to continue into perpetuity , while we await some   savior, to come from the sky, 'like a thief in the night.' 
  The repeated  dehumanizing atrocities in  places such as Sudan, Congo, Rwanda , Burundi , USA’s  racially skewed , expanding Human Rights abusive ,lucrative Prison Industrial  Complex ,and similar forms of institutional discriminatory system across Europe ,proves clearly the following:- There won’t be another Noah and Ark, working his magic, at the United Nations Security Council , to save Afrikans . It then  becomes  incumbent ,on Afrikan themselves ,led by a conscious , educated ,Middle Class ,to lead the charge to victory out of the  bottomless ,social quagmire. 
   To hell with stupid opaque political, and religious  ideologies, such Socialism , Capitalism , Islam, and Christianity, as their full scale acceptance , by a billion plus Global Afrikan peoples scattered the globe remains the cause of the initial problem .
Afrikan folks should be equally proud , as they contributed to this country becoming the power that it evolved into. 
    Only recently , we celebrated the Haitian  historic Bicentennial Revolution, that proved to the world the capability of Afrikans to push back against savage enemies ,and liberate themselves, but then loose their souls  in the interim.
    We salute those early  Black Jacobin in Haiti , for leading the way for similarly oppressed Afrikans  stuck on the  cotton, and sugar plantations , as it sent a symbolic message , that they too were a mighty people who with some organization could rise up  to be counted. At the same time we condemn their numerous great , great descendants , that have squandered opportunities necessary to build their island's political experiment.America became , a super power, and even if less resource laden , you did not have to evolved to the becoming the poorest,tragic, and most backward nation on earth- even surpassing the worst that we can imagined on the already failing , underachieving  Afrikan Virgin Continent.   
    There are those who think the task  of uniting a people  into one cohesive, conscious mass,is too daunting to even contemplate. Many have accepted the almost idiotic notion that economical, and politically successful Global Afrikan Middle class, are entitled to lock them selves in their private , secured , white washed cocoons , while counting their millions, and blessing , while sticking their respective middle fingers , at pitiful, less ambitious  others , deprived of the abilities to better their lot. 
    I say no to such horrendous mindset. The time for action is now, and humanity deserves no less if Peace, Security, Economic enhancement, Political Empowerment, and overall Sustainable Development, are  much coveted ,and reachable , end goal objectives, yes? Let’s make one of many  Global Afrikan heroes proud, where ever he lies in our heavenly heart, under the earth, already with some sky god , as a flying Afrikan spirit, by repeating with me ,and  my late Brotha ,Stokley Charmichael, lone of his favorite , rallying cry ,war chants:-
  I wish you well. 

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