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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Resource Ladened Mountaintop

        Ok  folks, I promise to stop 'beating this dead horse, to death ,' re my apprehension and or concerns on the futility of lasting peace  ,due to the role of  still another ,foreign,  power mongrels,Afrikan shake down in Sudan, with the tactic support of clueless regional leaders.
Just saying, Rwandans were 99.9  Christians in 1994,yet 800,000 were slaughtered- all within the view of  the framers of the Genocide treaty that promised never again after Hitler- in that genocidal haven , and maybe three times that amount in neighboring Burundi- but who is counting. 
 Fake Arab, pseudo religious nuts, economic bandits, that runs the gambit from all of North Afrika, to Marli, Nigeria, Senegal ,Somalia, and such ,might have collectively murdered ,what 10 Million Bantu Christian cousins,since independence 50 years hence?  
      Have faith you say? Oh yes, I would , as soon as the a five headed monster that dominate the international community , put the pieces in place to  finally divide Israel . How about Independence for Palestinians with Jerusalem as their capital ?That  should put a smile in the face of many American , and  European Christian ,ultra reactionary , peaceful , ‘love they neighbor,’ folks , won’t it?  
Oh yes, those  naive kids of social media has something to say, as traditional, corporate  media don’t. 
     Cannot figure out this anymore, but promised to some day  have a response to my NY Ghanaian doctor  friend , who was confronted by her Afrikan American neighbor ,that challenged her for an  opinions , as to who fared  better ,Afrikans that cross the Atlantic and endure slavery, or those left behind to deal with child soldiers, thievery, repeated coups, and wanton abuses ,by their own. 
  Still cannot help you  with such distractions ,sistaz Olopenko, for I too could care less , along with Uncle Obama, as long as that recent oil that started flowing in the Ashanti kingdoms comes straight to Pax Americana , and not Beijing , Paris, Amsterdam , or Moscow. 
Stay tuned 

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