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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monster Follies

      It seems from all account that  -for what ever they are- our International Community folks , are  engaging in  high fives,  and giving themselves pats  on the back, for the political coup that recently took place in Africa , re the good  fortunes of Bantu folks, of Southern Sudan , verses  their more cherished, pro Arab Northern  cousins. The reason might be obvious , and that is, the oil laden South has decided to break away, so as to end the exploitative tyranny that saw some 4 million murdered during interlocking genocidal civil wars that endured  over some 56 years of  post independence savagery - a typical phenomenon, one might add, that prevails for life, across most of the now 54 continental  states, that  unfortunately constitutes Africa, where closet  neo imperial  buffoons , and military cowards , that prey on  defenseless women ,and  innocent children, is the order , like it’s no one’s business.   
     It just feels good to see the smiling faces  all around , of another new nation that's filled with hope, after  that  sad existence they  experienced  for far too long ,has hopefully  ended, and now we can dish out the  global awards for self serving  political actors, none of which has lost a loved one in the pursuit of peace , or done anything tangible, without an eye on the bottom line. 
   However who is taking more credit for this victory , Washington’s Democrats  Bill and his Sidekick wife Hillary  , now in Uncle Obama’s administration ? 
  Maybe it’s those more compassionate Republicans ,led by one time Texan ,new aged Christian G.W Bush, that likewise brought a smile on the faces of  Islamist Afgans, and Iraqis faces, over the fact that both  failed states , are on the verge of assuming pre historic status.
    It is so amazing how the Afgan war  crisis nation , is intertwined with that of Sudan , even if both Asia, and Africa are millions of miles apart.  It’s called global religious solidarity, and  started way back when another Christian President  Jimmy sin in my heart Carter,was in charge of America, and an old , sick ,and infirm , Leonid Brezhnev ,was trying to hold on to power in the Kremlin. 
   The USSR invaded  poor defenseless Afghanistan , as it was worried about China’s growing influence with Pakistan, and the rest we can say is history,as it was on to Mujahadeen  resistant fighters, Bin Laden, eventually Taliban ,Northern Alliance, Kabul,Jalalabad  drug lords, and  and the rest we shall say is history- billions in aid to Pakistan , billions to spread alleged democracy to Afghanistan, keeping an eye on China, oil pipe line construction, maybe dead Osama, ten years after , or  years ago. 
  Speaking about the Chinese , rumor has it that they are making out on this entire deal like highway Bonnie and Clyde bandits, but what else is new, as so would France, USA, UK, and Russia. It's they way of the 5 head competing monster. 
Let’s give peace a chance. 

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