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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peaceful Changes we can Believe in

        As the late Bernie Mac might say , so what’s new across the global village America? Well what do you know ,another miscalculating , pro islamist  political idiot ,is about to get his butt kicked ,all because he lack the foresight to quit while he was ahead , grab his millions ,and run some  ‘tyrant accommodation enclave,’ with his harem , and 55 kids, yes?There is just something about these guys who survived in power for  too long , that always irritates me, be it life time socialist Castro, and now Pan Arabist , or is it Africanist ,Quadaffi? How long do you calculate before the North African Beduin ,goat header, folds his tent , since he finds himself alone , defending his  kingdom , since all his military commanders , got a peak of reality ,then abandoned him for more lucrative pastures, in far off cities such as London , Paris, New York, Havana , Ottawa and Caracas? My guess is another face saving week ,or two maximum. Inshalla , yes? We’ll see. 
    Tell me ,aren’t you as pissed off as yours truly is ,  to see all these Sunday morning quarterbacks, so call military turned political experts , falling out of the woodwork to throw daggers at , and second guess , perhaps the greatest Commander in Chief, this country has ever  seen since , maybe FDR? Sorry Slick Willy Clinton, you might have had a chance for that title, but your insatiable sexual predilections, towards girls that reminded you of your then 15 year old daughter , did you in. Did someone say , that Monica recently graduated with a degree from Oxford? Well , I’ll be darm , for the standards of that noble British institution ,has sure fallen. I for one won’t like to know what she did to boost the scores of that entrance exam. However I digress. 
   The disgusting  machinations of the Washingtonian ideological barracudas , that won’t give our first Black President, a chance,  to take a stab at being the world’s super policeman, all under the watchful eyes of the International community’s premier Multilateral  organ , in the United Nations, along with  the Arab League,and Nato. It just feels good , to see a real ‘coalition of the willing,’ going to battle , with a clear legally binding, mandate, to deal with preventing a barbaric megalomanic henchman , as he tries to run roughshod over the rights of his suffering people. 
   Just for the record, it was not only Quadaffi that was surprised at the swiftness of the action , after the Egyptian  uprising debacle , but so were  these conservative  diversionary  political folks , or fake liberal Dixiecrats ,yearning for blood ,come 2012 election. 
   Oh  they exclaim in the lead up to the 102 million dollar ,Tomahawk showdown ,’he was too slow to take action, but sorry,the  American Congress did not give the- 3 months necessary -green light ,to endorse a no fly zone aka war, after sanctions failed to budge  the kingpin yes , but it’s an act of war we can ill afford, then why is he in Latin America , at this critical period, we have no strategic interest, however, we are going to be dragged into another costly war, and finally, ahhhh, how dare him ,put our soldiers in harms way, by promising not to take the lead , then hand over full control for the actions to some Frenchman , English , Canadian ,or Arab Brigadier? 
    Mind you these are the same  ideological cretins , that stood idly by and allowed America’s first Harvard & Yale fratboy ,MBA President , to drag this country to war against two  innocent , countries , after September 11 th 2001, and to what end ? Yes , a 6 ft 5 beaded Arab is allegedly , still rolling around the deserts of terror Friendly Pakistan ,unscratched , while the Iraq Mushroom cloud ,turned pro democratic war mongering  ideas ,go to his head, as advocated by the intellectual Chickenhead Condi, and other Neocons such as obvious economic Backwater security  bandit Dick Cheny, as well as war criminal, torture Chief  Donald Rumfield. The same , economic pundits , and media minions , who silently stood by as a surplus was eroded , and the introductionof huge deficits, that led to a mammoth recession emerge, while questioning every policy attempts to rectify the ship of state, with well thought out , though sometimes slow, progressive , bipartisan  policies.  
   Can someone please tell , the media hound dogs  , and prognosticators, that there is a new Sheriff in town , and his name is Barrack Obama?  
The Arizona hot head Octogenarian ,”‘Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran ,” Marvrick guy Jonny Mac ,is at home counting a certain  beer heiress millions, and his Alaskan , female ‘Mama Grizzly sidekick ,Sarah Palin,’ is busy selling books , pimping her kids on reality TV, and or, perhaps , building up her fragile foreign policy expertise , by visiting Kibbutz in the Israeli deserts, while ignoring slaughtered Arab Palestinians in Gaza . Go figure.  
     Obviously , no one with a brain is fooled into believing that the interest of the Libyan people are paramount, in this critical moment as efforts are fostered to force Quadaffi out of power into the chains of a UN World Court tribunal  , since that of the Cote de Ivorians, Egyptians, Yemenis, Algerians,Baharainans, Syrians, Tunisians, Lebanese, Jordanians , Sudanese ,hopefully Saudis ,or any other Muslim for that matter means squad diddle dook , to tenuous democratic minded Western power mongrels  , since the Berlin wall fell in 1989 , and the great  Soviet ,Evil Empire was no more. However , here is a wake up call for all tyrants the world over . Your citizens are tired, of your half baked acts , the world is watching , and perhaps moral leadership will again become the norm. 
Let peace reign, I say, and so should you.  This might be “change you can believe in,” who knows? It’s a beautiful world. 

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