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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ballers vs Shot Callers

              Could not help but be slightly amused as I observed three major, and important  international political players ,operate within the borders of these United States recently, as it was an art form in stagecraft in political com social maneuvers , as played out via distinctive cultures.  The first in my line up was the act of symbolically flipping the bird to Uncle Obama by China’s President Hu Jintao, as both leaders  went through their public, and not so  private media posturing  for the consumption of domestic and wider global audience , in efforts to  as it were , indicate who has more ‘Cohones,’or none. The other showed why it's no mystery that some folks, and not others ,led the pack as the top  millionaires , in post  Communist USSR . 
  As I have indicated previously in another of my social commentaries ,  China today is the big economic enchilada on the grand stage, and the rest of the world is visibly impress from Africa to Latin America Middle East , and we’ll just throw in Moon, unknown  life force,  just for good measure,in  the unlikely event that Commander Mark Kelly , Astronaut  ,and or adoring husband  of Arizona Congresswoman   Gabrielle Gifford, still  decides  to do the unthinkable , and  leave her bedside to join his twin brother ,languishing somewhere in outer space, as planned before her shooting tragedy. 
       However I digress. So here on the one hand was tough talking pro human rights advocate  Uncle Obama ,daring to play steely  nose, hard ball , by scolding his guest  President Hu Jintao  about their atrocious Human Rights records .Note  however, his precarious dilemma, in trying to play this  game , with  hands outstretched , begging for a shift in balance of trades  fortunes, between an economically shell shocked   Super Power still reeling from a depression , and that of economically savvy China with the Midas touch , but lacking  much support from  high end members of his own party, desperate Republicans, more keen to be  political spoilers ,as many remained  pissed at the fact that since the Arizona gun nut shootings of a Jewish fellow member of the House of Rep , the President’s  numbers, has escalated profusely , in due measure because ,  uncontrollable  political novice , Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin ,  continues  to ‘shoot from the lip,‘ either to outsell GW Bush  in the book department ,boost herAlaskan  reality TV ratings about her dysfunctional family ,  or solidify  that fast depleting base ,that is guaranteed to loose  embarrassingly ,  in  that upcoming 2012 Presidential electoral . Again I digress.
     The Chinese President , simply smiled or perhaps more appropriately silently smirked , in that  Confucian manner  that was perfected so well by Chair Mao , and Den Xiaping, then told  Nobel Winner  Uncle O ,in not so subtle form ,where to get off  his own hypocritical stage, and handle Pax Americana’s revolting unequal justice  business instead , where  Human Rights track record, as holder of the largest Prison Industrial Complex , Afro Genocidal empire stand’s supreme- thank you very much Mr Hypocrite in Chief. 
    He then pointed over his shoulder in the direction of Guantanamo Cuba ,where thousands of innocent civilians from unmentionable places across the globe , are kept like animals for the slaughter in trumped  up charges , where it becomes difficult to accept their testimonies extracted after relentless vicious acts of water-boarding tortures  , and similar unknown  measures  within the confines of friendly less law abiding enclaves - take your useless glorified  Human Rights, globally accepted  treaties and light bonfires to warm the hearts of your 2 million and counting homeless without a fine voice like Ted Williams  , fugetdaboutit, here I come .

Compound that with the fact that America unlike most civilize industrial holds on dearly to her death penalty , under some distorted delusional notion that it somehow curbs crimes ,in a society where systematic racism exist across the length and breath of a corrupt , antiquated , and in most cases elitists  judicial system .
 Not sure if President   congratulated the President on his fine speech to appease the nation that he was on top of his game when paying homage to shot Congresswoman Gifford in the State of Arizona that leads the nation as far as , for want of a new word in the lexicon of the Inglis lingo . Not sure what the score will eventually be at the end of the day , and how much concessions will be made , but we can expect the spin doctors, and partisan corporate media element to give us some idea , if they can spare the time from feeding us the usual escapist foolishness that passes as journalism  , but that’s a different story for another occasion. 
       Let us now move across to another much media hyped event that has garnered attention since it involved one of many  Afro American  budding sport elites , playing  one of my favorite games basketball. I am talking about a proposed  trade from Denver of  upcoming free agent Carmelo Anthony , to somewhere in  the Tristate , possibly New York , or their  small  time , insignificant  Garden State neighbor  ,where one of the owners is a nuvo rich ,post Communist com Putin much favored  Capitalist   Russian  billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov , along with  Hip Hop icon ,Jay Z , a serious player ,that moved from drugs to riches , without spending a second in jail , then only was able to  snag the most  sexually covered R&B singer in the history of America ,in bootilicious Beyonce- Good lord ,please explain  how two   guys can  be so lucky in one swoop.   Again I digress. 
  Disgusted with the media frenzy and the distraction for his  already loosing team , the Russian tycoon, did the impossible ,proving that like most Russians ,he learned to play the game of chess ,from the moment he left his mom’s womb ,was unable to speak a single word.
 He publicly announced to the surprise of the Balling world, that New Jersey was no longer interested in pursuing confused , and greedy  Carmelo, a Brooklyn native  from coming to join his team , so as to play with players on the verge of retirement , and a prospective 20 people turning up to watch the unwatchable games in  Brooklyn come 2012. 
Your move Denver , or it will be Checkmate Russian style. 
 Once more two classic cases of new aged political and business operations that will obviously leave old school players scratching their collective heads in consternation as to how much the world has change , as new players are set to change not only the name of the game , but the way it is played , in the 21st century and beyond. 


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