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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breaking News America

                 In Glendale Arizona , there are many  folks  that are not too hesitant  to pay as much as $7000, to see a much  touted  college kids football game ,between Aubum , and Oregon’s future millionaires, while tonight 1million kids are going to sleep hungry  tonight across America?
  Well I’ll be , talk about priorities America.  Some sees no difference in terms of importance between   two young  Black Quarterbacks , such as   Cam Newton , and   Darron Thomas  as they lead their charges to sports TV ratings  super stardom ,via  a highly rated NCAA football game, and  Barrack Obama  getting on the grand  political stage of power as Commander in Chief , in  his historic victory over Arizonian military , and lifetime political elite John Mc Cain, but who  is counting,  or certain of the reasons for these and  similar obsessions , and  contradictions? 
   The game fortunately , lived up to all it’s hype ,and hopefully can be the dawn of a new future for America in terms of social opportunities as promised , as we have come a long way , but nevertheless,  is still very far from reaching the desired, idealist  levels ,as far a equal playing field  ,socio - economic justice ,and post racial developments. Hats off  to Camon's dad Cecil Newton ,as his heart was not only in the corner of his son , but indirectly for the  thousands of kids working for sporting minimum wages scholarships , without learning anything of value  , while their respective colleges , and corporate sponsors ,make billions annually off the sweat of their labor. Ok  Latina Thomas and Cecil , you guys  can now begin the task of checking your future riches.
    In the event that you  might have any doubts as to the merits of my arguments, or the state of affairs within this sports ,especially for folks who dared  to grasp for  lofty elite positions ,then you can google the names of any of the success stories of this game beginning  with once underpaid NFL star  Doug Williams , to selectively  criminalized Michael Vick , and yes Heisman winner, turn  NCAA champion   Cam Newton. 
     Just like OJ once, Michael Vick became the poster child for all that is evil in sports , as played by million dollar athletes , but if you think he was almost destroyed with hatred , because of his detractors loves for dogs , then I can also convince you that Black folks were all enslaved due to white European  christians love and need to  convert them from pagan savage ways , or that the decision to end the barbaric system was also because of loving spiritualist hearts. williams for all his skills ,or successes ,was comparatively  underpaid,  and  experienced  some of the  most blatant discrimination imaginable , that could  place a smile on the face of anti Jewish Hitler , or Stalin,  if given a chance. 
     In the mean time,  some 126 miles away in Tucson Arizona , doctors of  Blue dog Democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Gifford, are frantically , trying to save her life , as they attempt to prevent her from joining  six other victims, killed from gunshot  wounds  by 22 year old anarchist Jared Lee Loughner. Irrespective of the motives , America cannot continue loosing  83  people , each day, as is the norm.
 Millions of shameful heads bowed in silence , or post violence contritions ,from Tea party  members , and their symbolic   leader Sarah Palin , is find and dandy , but won’t halt the violence. Instead ,a spirit of tolerance ,and  understanding , might go a long way., especially in conservative, and  border  states ,such as Arizona. 
We will see who is ready to run  with  the ball, or more importantly , is  prepared to continually drop the ball when it comes to security, race . There are lessons that can be learned from sporting escapades , as it relates to power .Stay tuned, as many barbarians are still lurking,
    In the past it was Afro Americans , but  today , in addition to Africans , it’s Mexican immigrants, Jewish Congress people , and  your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned  for more breaking stories. 

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