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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resiliency of the Political Blue Blood Bushes:A lesson for Pessimistic Underdogs

           It is sad ,but lofty historians,idle  philosophers,  and  ideological political pundits ,often get it wrong , when it comes to the course of events , or expectations in matters involving us mortals beings. No way is that more vivid , than in my favorite pastime, politics. There is nothing worst than underestimating the abilities of a man ,or a woman , and  often that can come back to haunt one. Take the Bushes, or ‘Blue Bloods,’ as one time  Alaskan beauty queen , and now Reality TV  star,  Sarah  Palin ,prefer to refer to them. 
  G.H Bush , at 19 survived a  WW11 airplane crash ,amongst savage Japanese warlords, return  safely to the USA, abandoned Yankee land Connecticut, for new home  Texas ,and the rest we shall say is history.        
    From oil speculating millionaire, to  Presidential challenger of  fast talking ,Californian Ronald Reagan. Having lost that battle, folks thought that was the end of GHB , especially ,when he lashed out in dismissive  , pro liberalism ,talk about trickle down, Voodoo Economic, on the great communicator’s  economic policies.
     Yet there he was sipping champaign for two terms as a loyal VP pit-bull ,then to usher in a new post Cold War era. Oh yes ,it’s true that  his picture might never join the ranks of Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan , and eventually Barrack Obama on Mt Rushmore, since millions of agitated Americans read his campaign  lips on , “ new taxes!” 
Millions more of fighting men and women in this country remembered him putting the military back into respectability in winning the first war in  Desert Storm Iraq, after the disasters that arduous Vietnam. 
     The coup de Grace was when he suck it to his successor , and dragged  him into another ill conceived war in Somalia , that again ,became a low point for America , as bodies of soldiers were dragged through the streets by emaciated 12 year , bare feet kids  , barely able to lift , much less, load their Kalashnikov. Well, we know that the eventual fall out of that , was  a month long 800,000  Africans slaughtered in Rwanda , and the USA , extremely timid  to venture amongst  angry machete  wheeling Hutu ,and Tutsi, or use it’s clout on the Security Council , like was done on the behest of oil rich Arab , Kuwaiti playboys.Great job G. B, and history proved you right for not killing cousin Saddam . 
   Enter stage right, G.W.Bush. Well, what an interesting Blue blood this guy is. 2010, is almost over , and many are still daring to underestimate the former Commander in Chief and one time Yale Skull and Bones head honcho. Prior to his Texan run , and marriage to the beautiful and loyal Laura, the man was a colossal failure, hands down, thank you daddy for the gold spoon to bail me out each and every failure, and social fiasco. Sorry Ann Richards , you still do not know what hit you in that governors race as yet , huh?
    Well so did the score of  questionable death row inmates , who requested pardons from the GW Christian  camp . GW , was able to beat out , every other governor in the history of America , as he pulled the switch to end the lives of mainly blacks, and  and other selective folks who failed to uphold the law- “give on to Caesar..., and such matters. 
   Al Gore not only lost to him , but Tipper, his high school sweetheart, even if he got a Nobel Prize , and any who can find anything of significance, war hero John Kerry, did since he got  such a  severe shellacking ,form the underestimated  GW, then call me.  As for Dan Rather , the fast talking CBS  TV ,anchor veteran ? He thought he was invincible, now he is doing reruns on QVC to sell Texan steaks , and shoes for lonely housewives at 4 am .  
    Not much took place politically ,during GW Bush reign , unless you wish to talk about his involvement in orchestrating  two wars, that bankrupted  the country, but who is counting?  As for his Democratic  successor Barrack Obama,the only difference between the two commander in chief is that one had two Blue Bloods a parents , and the other unfortunately was saddled with an  African immigrant,  uncaring father, who eventually  used his  lofty ,Harvard  Phd, to light a bond fire, in  a Nairobi shanty town , where he died a dismal failure ,in obscurity. GW did not have to worry about legacy, as his successor supported every policy he pushed over the past eight years , even tax breaks for the rich, and  condescending ,vitriolic attacks, on the same axis of evils, located in Third world countries such as  Iran, North Korea, Iraq, and we can include Bin Laden hiding in Pakistan or  Afghanistan, for all that Saudi ,Wahhabi terrorist supporters , are concerned. 
   Score one for the Blue bloods , and hail to a change in the political fortunes of the Republicans , thanks to their hero , who successfully converted a Clinton Surplus , into a deficit , that eventually became an American recession that Uncle Barrack dare not talk about, or Tea Baggers might get him in 2012. 
    Guess what, GW  new memoir, Decision Point  ,was expected to be a dismal failure , since numerous  critics thought, it would be a bore , and should more fittingly be renamed  ‘why I hate Black people,’ and ‘How to  drink myself to sleep ,or choke on a pretzel,’based on the lasting  impact such had on the former leader. Wrong again ! $2 million in sales since it’s launching in November ,again beating back all  preceding  populist Presidents, from Ronald  Reagan ,to Slick Willy. Not bad ,for a man  with Karl Rove Brain , and Condoleezza Rice back something.
    What do we know, but 2011 is hours away, and I am expecting great things, both for myself , and the nation as a whole. Just might not have the Blue bloods pedigree,but is yet filled with optimism that there is still hope for the underdogs. Let’s go get em people.   

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