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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Power Matters

       It’s  the tail  end , almost , of ‘the season to be jolly,’ for some  that were  able to escape the cold freezing weather, that Al Gore ,and his environmental doom and gloom advocates, repeatedly told us were long gone , but that ‘s  different story , for another occasion. For the record, let me add, that it is not that I do not share the view that the environment is out of sync  , as Nobelist ,New Aged ,Global Warming head guru Al claimed ,but just that I do not believe that it’s principally due to a bunch of starving Amazonian indians lighting wood-fire  in their  jungle backyards , for  food purposes,and survival, against hungry anacondas , or giant poisonous spiders.I prefer to focus instead ,on the thousands of secret  nuclear test that are still  being conducted across this globe, or the multitudes of Air space junk that are floating across the atmosphere led by NASA , in their quest to find elusive life forms on Mars , Jupiter , and the moon , as if such matters. 
   How about that , Governor Patterson  with only a few days left in office ,decided to offer a pardon to a black New York  male ,name white , who was accused of shooting to death a 17year old closet KKK ,racist  kid ,that came to his home ,late one night threatening to harm his family , after refusing to leave the yard of what must be a card carrying NRA member. Score one for the 2nd Amendment,and the actions of those thoughtful Founding fathers, yes?
   Justice  some say, but who is to judge? Surely not us , as fear from a lynch mob ,is something that most of us won’t know anything about , except through the tales of boring historical novelists , and ghastly stories, of still traumatized Afro Americans that experienced their share of American genocides, yet was never compensated . 

    We can only speculate what would have occurred , if the  political situation was different  ,so that   Andrew  Cuomo, the Mayor elect , or his dear compassionate neo liberal  Papa Mario , was in office, and the situation was reverse whereby New York’s first black governor was on the verge of assuming power. Let’s just say the Black governor’s numerous enemies , are in  attack mode, and he won’t hear the last of  their contempt , even as we watch the mug of his predecessor Elliott Spritzer  aka George Fox,extoll  the virtues of justice nightly, on CNN. Well , everything ain’t black and white , as Client 9 proved. Again, another subject, for another occasion.   

    What do you know, it’s the season of redemption, and not one to be left in the dark , America's  increasingly popular President , Uncle Barrack , is  using his Presidential bully pulpit ,to speak out on issues of critical social  importance, to the nation,- at least for some. One such was to show some love for Eagles Quarterback  #7, and possible NFL’s obvious  2010 MVP.
        America favorite sports darling, is reveling in redemptive aura, but don’t tell that members of the Peta animal rights activist, who believed that he should be sent to the gallows ,in like manner as he did to numerous dogs on the loosing end of his underground canine  fighting ring,  and  fervently supports  a Federal Judge's  decision, to disallow him from ever owning a  dog -even for his loving young daughter.  By the way, the recent Olympics in China was the best in it’s history  of the games, and was enjoyed thoroughly by dog lovers, even as many knew of the atrocious track records to  animals in that country , most of which are eaten for food,.  
   Just so you know, many animal rights lovers, and activists, are  also gun owners, and ardent hunters - especially with high calibre automatic weapons . Wake me up when a national movement is started to end violence on bears,  Alaskan Caribous , ducks , Quails, foxes, or worst yet wolves , who incidentally ,are cousins of dogs ,yes?

Hey President to be  Palin, your call,as Barrack , your rival , is getting warm . Ahhhh, the season to be jolly, so let’s forgive! Speaking of which , I just stole a cake recipe  from from repentant  TV personality , the former  Wall Street insider and Federal inmate 55170-054 ,Martha Stewart.
 You should remember her, if you ever lost a dollar on the Wall Street  NYC corruption , unregulated Express, where white color crooks and bandits , ran rampant during the Texan MAB President's noble  reign , that today are forcing Americans  to reminisce about the great depression, when inflation , and runaway poverty was the norm. A few criminals are sleeping better tonight, most likely because of her  post incarceration  thirst,for prison sentence reform .  

That is if anyone is listening , like NY first Black Governor. 
Power Matters , yes? 

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