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Friday, December 10, 2010

Picking One's Poison within the American Tailspin

    Ain’t life grand in these United Sates? Many folks are now getting quite bent and out of shape because of the many embarrassing revelations, that are emanating from  new aged social media,WickiLeak's efforts, that has recently emerged as a result of this here Aussie chap , referred to as Julian Assange. Like everything else that takes place in this blessed ‘land of the free.‘the folks that says yea ,or nay to one side or the other on the question as to support castration , jail, and then public decapitation Saddam style ,for this cyber terrorist , are with few exceptions , stacked up according to political ideology, and therefore  economic class , power of influence , or to put in simple words - who has more to loose or gain ,according to these honest  communications, moments of truth.  
   For folks like myself, only  with a keen interest in freedoms , social justice , and the role of our corporate complicit , embedded , traditional media,  this affair has much deeper values, and so I observe the social tailspin ,with a mixture of bemuse apprehension, tinged with horror. 
       Let me for the record state clearly, that I personally could care less about an iota of the horrid communications  information ,that these millions of documents revealed , as I am in no way surprise as to what my fellow humans do, and say , in secret anymore, from the Commander in Chief  of the most powerful democratic country on earth, to the most barbaric Third world back woods nation, headed by some tin pan dictator. As a political animal myself,I subscribe to the well tested  philosophical view point , that “man is by nature evil.”    
    Some nine years after the now famous 9/11  Islamist terrorist drama,Americans are finally becoming a bit wary of  their politicians, business class ,and high end, over the top security experts , and  military elites alike. Pro Christian ,religious fear-mongering ,political deceptions, and anti foreign, unilateral  rhetoric, that was once the  order, no longer has the same appeal, to desperate citizens tired  of wasteful, costly spending on two  pointless wars ,or overarching , intrusive ,domestic security surveillance umbrella initiatives , with no benefits for any ,but the  typical political spin doctors,and other power brokers suspects, more concerned about their expanding fiefdoms, then the public’s welfare.    
   I must once more place on record that I too feel that when it comes to the truth , I do not believe that  the end always justify the means , and certain levels of propriety , and code of ethics ,are needed -including respect for the laws by any proclaimed professional , when doing their job. Therefore, if it can be established that our Aussie friend  Julian , with the Swedish  sexual passion ,broke any real   US national laws ,then he  should be prepared to face the consequences. 
   Having said that , it is important to emphasize my strongly held view that I find it reprehensible when folks display acts of selective outrage , on critical issues that affects us , based on their own personal interest , ideology, or other less  tenuous reasons. My firm stance in this case , should be obvious , as one who threads down this partway , opens the door for serious malfeasance, by skillful power manipulators ,that can be harmful to us all. So if for example ,the American public could live with the fact that greedy ,callous ,gun manufacturers could sell their weapons of death , while waving the 2nd Amendment in our faces, with  little regard to the devastating  impact small arms proliferation, has on domestic ,and international murders and violence , then Julian Assange   perhaps too, deserves a break. We lived with Presidential Cowboy Ronald , who broke US  laws to sell arms to Iran , and dabble WITH  South, and Central American drug lords, and so this  ghastly acts by  the Aussie foreigner , and his half English military gay conspirator,Bradley Manning  too,  can be tolerated. 
        In the aftermath of Vietnam , and while America slept, it’s military were finally allowed to sharpen their skills in an invasion of Panama to capture it’s leader  Manuel Noriega,and  eventually lock him away in a US prison, under the guise that he was a drug kingpin supporter,even if he was trained ,encouraged , and molded by his former CIA boss, who happened to be the 41st President , that had a problem with Noriega ,for demanding a return  of rights  ,and sovereignty over his Panama Canal, in like manner to China , in HongKong. Few raised an eyelid, as 800,000 Africans died in  a one month ,Rwandan, inter ethnic  massacre, and leaders in the world largest free nation , quibble internally ,about lack of national interest ,in the aftermath of a Somalian public military  debacle  while publicly blaming , obscure international laws , on weak ,multilateral, interpreters, and powerless bureaucrats , for failure to agree on required , mandatory, anti genocidal actions by a comatose international community.  
    Many , did not see a problem when the first democratically elected Haitian President Aristide  was kidnapped by operatives and shipped abroad , then replaced by  ideological puppets, but many seemed surprised as to the political state of the country today in the wake of overwhelming natural disasters.An over zealous Islamic dictator named Saddam Hussein ,became the fall guy, as well as a  few sheep herding, Poppy cultivating ,  Afghan illiterate tribesmen blamed, for all that was wrong with today’s world , Islam,and poor security ,  while their respective countries were  converted to  stone aged fiefdoms ,simply to appease  more American friendly Saudi Arab cousins, even if none of their fingerprints, could be found on any of the three  planes, that brought   
   The list goes on , a Turkish humanitarian ship laden with supplies for desperate refugees in Gaza , was attacked by Israeli security elites, and NGO’s murdered mercilessly, as they attempted to defend themselves against  such , well calculated invaders from a historically threatened people, and nation. For mere political reasons , a CIA  female operative was  outed ,with little regards ,by well placed  politicians, and handlers, then the culprits pardoned , and or, patted on the wrist by their exiting President, so that life can go on in a once Far Right ,Neocon  administration, and yet, Julian Assange is carded now for the gallows. 
      The jury is still out on nuclear ambitious Iran, and North Korea, resource deficient China the new super power is in no mood to slow down any time soon whether in genocidal have Sudan, Congo , or any where if feels a buck can be made , and it’s power can be solidified, at the expense of a weakened Super Power. We should continue to keep our eyes focus on this growing , made for reality TV , soap Oprah involving our Aussie friend Julian Assange , as he threatens to make those authentic media characters, that gave us the scoop on  the Pentagon Papers, as well as Watergate Scandal look like Santa Claus , CNN probing truth seeker Larry King ,or even Jerry Springer in comparison. 
 Stay tune for real justice in this American tailspin, as it’s getting hot , or cold in here , depending on who is asking. 

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