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Monday, December 20, 2010

Progressive Pragmatism , or Non Transparent Kumbaya , in 'Americana'

      No labels movement a Woodstock for democracy one of the leaders claimed. Quite appropriate I thought , based on who were the folks that dominated that movement . 
I so happened to be surfing my TV to see if one of my favorite basketball , or NFL team is on, and so happened to pause on  CSPAN , to see a new movement , in the vain of the recently successful Right wing  fringe group called the Tea party , being launch in Columbia University New York. The ideas as touted by the leaders were ,let's   bring folks of all different  political ,and social stripes together, to work for real changes in Washington , in the interest of all America. Instructive,and interesting , was -rhetoric's aside-that we can all achieve changes for good , without those  sacrificing narrow interest of elite power structures  .These included , say no to   all labels , no to gridlocks, find commonalities , and new space for effecting honest  changes beyond race, differences as laid out by Republicans ,and Democrats alike. They even stole the music  and label from  a song by black Hip Hop superstar, Akon. 
         What was dramatically evident , was the fact that missing from this embryonic operation, once more, was racial diversity.  Perhaps I should reiterate , to dominant America , Hey folks , you cannot effect real changes in this society , while trying to advocate changes without recognizing that this is a racially complex society!  Conservative journalist David Brooks, talking about patriotic founding fathers, such as moderate one time  immigrant, Hamilton, and wise leaders such as Adams, and Jefferson ,is not enough I think. Lofty speeches by talk show host  Michael  Smecconish. Nostalgic pontifications , coupled with calls for grassroots  movements ,by  politicians  such as Nancy Jacobson, and Dan Glickman , are great , but insufficient.  So we listen with interest to  founding members Nate Garvis ,Nancy Jacobson,William Galston, and Dave Morin , and similar passionate leaders , while asking with a tinge of skepticism , who is really looking out for whom, even if in true Margaret Mead like  fashion , can come together to make a difference? 
       Can you advocate social , creative , bipartisan ,collaborative changes, in this or any country , capable of impacting the rest of the world -including powerful global organizations-by only adhering to the narrow views of one race of people ? I would think not, since all domestic , and international issues are inextricably tied up in who we are as a people - a multifaceted , and diverse bunch , with various norms and historical values. So on a day when this country’s politicians have buried the Dream Act , that would have given relief to millions of American kids , whose families, so happened to be illegal  immigrants to this country , while at the same time celebrating a new law that would open up the rights for special groups within the military, is eye opening.
   What apparently occurred here was a case of misguided so called Reagan Republicans ,failing to have the courage and understanding of their country , so as to do the right thing for decent people ,like that of their one time popular leader , is a sad shame. What we saw , here was that  a bunch of cowardly , gutless ,liberal Democrats , unable to shape the agenda , and so allay fears of Republicans that the millions of grate beneficiaries of this Bill ,would not suddenly, only  vote for the  Democratic Party. As for the recent bill just passed however , was this simply a transparently easy vote by pandering politicians on both sides , looking for a way to appear tolerant to certain segments of our voting  society , without seriously focusing on broad based weak and neglected , all over this country? You be the judge. 
  So hopefully you  too can be encouraged to  build new  movements with other  folks , that’s aimed at progressive pragmatism, as a prerequisite for truly advancing a  nation with it's collection of peoples , but also to propel it , into a somewhat neglectful role, of pressuring  global leaders  ,to push a new agenda for peace ,security ,and development for us all. Let's keep an eye open. 

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