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Sunday, December 12, 2010


     I recently joined a wonderful group  called  ‘Pro Do-GoodUs Philanthropic Advocates.‘  This is not  your typical do good folks , but a globally progressive , community , totally committed to service to others, primarily because we recognize the psychological, over any other benefits  to us. So what are  we really about you ask? Well , to coin a common expression, we tend to ‘have each other’s back,‘when folks in the media , twisted thinking politicians, and some others say,  conniving  business entities ,tries to  disparage , and or attempt to throw a monkey wrench into our stellar operations,while questioning our motives. 
    Even if I was thinking about making this move for some time, I was still a bit hesitant, as it was laden with so many famous, celebrity  folks. Ah never me and that media hugging , self indulgent , ego inflated group , I thought ,back when American Hollywood darling Mia Farrow , nearly had a nervous breakdown, as a result of the devastating revelations, that  her live in boyfriend , or was  it husband Woody Pink Panter Allen,  as  this pedophiliac   , scary, and psychologically twisted  miscreant was it ,observed in the hidden camera  fondling on one  of her very young, many adopted kids Soon-Yi , who , surprise, surprise ,eventually became his wife, and heavens forbid, child mother? The usually strong ,caring ,  and forceful Mia , was so distraught, that this organization- which  dates as far back  as  the Quakers America -was forced to give her solace , just like folks from the North ,had to perform during the barbaric system of Euro-American slavery. You remembered that period , yes? 
I came close on another  historic occasion, when this my  new  found organization , had to jump to the aid of a fellow member .It was at the cabinet formation stage of Uncle Obama’s new government , when a member of the Clinton political tag team was in problem , and under the spotlight , due to his global philanthropic efforts of one half.  "Who is contributing to his global initiatives , the media wanted to know, and would his charitable acts , and fund raising groupies, help  compromise America , and Hilary his his wife’s  ambitions to be a  real , independent ,political player?" These were some of the numerous concerns, but , unless you lived on Mars over the past 2 years, then you’ll  know how that was settled, no? 

  This great organization was there for Madonna, when jealous punk rockers , questioned her motives for trying to adopt a Malawi Aids baby all in front of the media, just as her marriage was on the rocks , while also  striving to begin a Kibbutz in Israel under her new found religious faith,and  was it with  the watchful eyes of perennial play boy ,second tier baller, Alex Rodriguez? They stepped up each time Angela and her 10 multiracial , adopted kids , and Brad Pitt  were about to separate , as the media predicted, and now Hollywood famous unmarried couple , is busy saving the world, pushing out movies , and babies of their own as well. More power to them, I say!  
   Two event  made me almost commit, and  the first was the  disastrous Gulf BP oil spill recently ,and the finger pointing that followed against  politicians, conglomerate executives, and obviously , caring environmentalist of the philanthropic fraternity, who many believe were brought, and sold by oil and gas energy dollars.   
   The second was when our socially conscious , millionaire , Grammy winning , Hip Hop  buddy Wycliffe Jean , was  demonized by main stream media , for double dipping ,in the cookie  a la the funds  that were given to him,  to assist  desperate  Haitian countrymen, then to compound it all ,he made the most ludicrous decision in his life ,  to run for office as President  of that country.

  The last straw was when of all people ,Don Cheadle of  Hotel Rwanda fame , was accused of genocide in Sudan that to date saw the death of some 250,000,at some 5000 per month , and displacement of 2.5 million . You remember Don , as he acted in that wonderful movie Hotel Rwanda,and the depiction of  a  certain Canadian General seen  running away in fear ,with his large tanks , and numerous Europeans aid workers in tow, while 800, 000  Tutsi , and Hutu Bantu Africans , he and his bunch, were mandated to protect, hacked each other to death , all in one month. China was cool, the other four sleeping members of the international community , are fine, crazy African  Arabs Muslims were OK, the sleeping pan African, and African Union organization folks , are great,  but the Don, got  blame  for encouraging genocide to make his relief efforts, and proposed movie ventures  more profitable. Go figure. Suffice it to say , ths was too much , and I jumped into the brew , after too much past procrastinations.  

 I became very excited after  my membership  application was accepted , by this prestigious organization, and guess what, just in time to throw in some support for the greatest  female tennis player of all time Martina Navratilova , after  her   illness, and  hospitalization, after a failed Kilimanjaro  climb, to raise funds for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation . Talk about a trail blazer, this woman. Get well Martina. We are with you every step of the way. 

 So that’s it  folks..., we are looking for many more members. Doing  good is , well, a good thing, but the reasons, can be different for everyone. My hope is to make a noble contribution, of keeping the players honest, and motives clear, as we all within the  global village give aid , and help to others, in moments of need, while serving indirectly as catalyst for positive change. What say ye? 

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