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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Lost Sheep of Israel

“And he shall be hated by all men……”Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves ,be therefore wise as serpent , and harmless as doves., beware of men ..for they will scourge you in their synagogues. Go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Fear not them witch kill the body ,but not able to kill the soul, rather fear them that can kill both in hell. Matthew 10 :- 1-20
"I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon."

Another violent death by guns and a Afro American iconic sporting and philanthropic community hero in Steve Mc Nair is no more due the actions of his desperate 20 year impressionable ,confused young Iranian girlfriend Sahel Kazemi. Could these two lives be saved if efforts aimed at curbing the 2nd Amendment reaches are encouraged , or can the laws of the jungle remain with the tactic support of the various courts across the land, as murder and suicide continues unabated?
Life is cheap in the land of dreams and plenty. It’s four bullets in the head for the father of four , and followed by one in hers for good measure to end her own misery by a weapon she was able to purchase as easily as a tin of Budweiser beer the night before the tragedy. Today the complicit corporate media prefers to hide behind sob stories of his victim and alleged shocked wife that suffered the indignity of infidelity at the hand of a handsome over paid hunk with too much dollars, as she can now smile all the way to the bank , and quickly into the arms of a more caring and some may choose to say less callous mate .
We are lamenting about this and not about the lives of millions of American - especially of color that are dying daily across the country in large urban metropolitan cities such as LA, New York, Detroit , and Chicago , mostly as a result of guns violence from the extremely lucrative weapons industry and it’s mighty far reaching 2nd Amendment lobbyist backers ,in the NRA .These normal Joes , and much touted mainstream Americans has historically promised to do everything feasible to protect rights and traditions of citizens , and would stand firm that such ways of life are maintained even if it means hijacking every political opponent and shipping them off to Mars.

Chicago is the home state of the new President of the United States , and with less than 3 million population , leads the nation in terms of violent homicides . You won’t however know it as we hear instead the pontifications about governmental responsibilities to African leaders with outstretched hands , about child soldiers that can yearly count on elevated manhood themselves due to the acquisition of an AK47, 9mm weapon , or other dangerous automatic firearm ,just like fellow lost sheep African members counterparts in America .
Two weeks ago , the king of pop exist stage left by dying prematurely at the age of 50 , after years of well known destructive life style that included self mutilation , as well as psychological traumas , preceded by blatant illegal drug abuse . Likewise the media , friends and enemies prefers to talk about his millions spent in charities, his lovely family and artistic abilities.
No way were we even given a story so as to explain why such a successful and powerful talent would resort to such destructive behaviors to mask his inner turmoil and obvious insecurities. With an Afro American President in the White House traversing the globe as the moral policeman , and the epitome of the perfect democratic example , America cannot dare to destroy the lovely melting pot ,mosaic façade to ever talk about racism , discrimination and injustices to ancestors of black folks that help built this country freely where even today their efforts are dismissed as trifling and irrelevant, and no compensations are forthcoming to repay them for the humongous debt owed by all who came after.
Drug abuse talks including the growing menace of the giant pharmaceutical industry over prescription penchant by unscrupulous doctors, and it corresponding connection mental illness and criminal activities? Never . Too much jobs are at stake , both in the heal care industries and the overcrowded prisons across America that are awaiting the Obama’s stimulus packages to expand prisons constructions of the Industrial complex. It’s just another day in paradise , and air force 1 is about to land in Washington with the Harvard , Princeton, and Columbia gang in tow and he two adoring kids that were show cased across the globe to show that in an era of change , all is well as Angels cry from above for the children of the lost.
It is hoped that Michael Jackson , and Steve Mc Nair tragedies , can refocus our attention on the debilitating after effects of slavery, long after emancipation , as many try to resort to escapist routes of feeling as second class citizens via “drugs use alcohol abuse ,and other forms of self destructive behaviors. according to eminent psychologist can include but are not limited to suicide, and homicide, then perhaps they were not wasted, as thousands languish in prisons all across America, and similar amounts die senseless daily via gun violence, murder by cop , and gang directed destructions in neglected Afro American communities.
Self loathing , it seems can be manifested in different forms, and no race has inculcated the destructive psychological effects of this that Africans. Receiving catharsis begins would recognizing the deliberate lies were perpetuated by others for a reason, and liberation themselves via self love once again.

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