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Friday, June 26, 2009


The King of Pop is dead , and millions across the globe are mourning his passing. To me his most controversial song was ‘Black or White.’ It was not because I or him really believed the lyrics. It is obvious to even the blind that Michael like millions of his fellow citizens was antagonize by the power of color and it's impact on class in not only America, but across the globe. Irrespective of the billion or more he earned via his music , insecurities and self loathing was evident in his quest to obscure and erase his race and be accepted by the white dominant majority establishment .
It is alleged that he died penniless, and indebted like numerous others -the successful children and great grand children of former slaves before him that wasted what they earned.
“What Michael meant to you” asked a white colleague innocently , with a twinkle in his eyes as he watch and listened keenly for my response. “He was an excellent musical entertainer and artist ,as well as a great cultural ambassador for the United States ,” I said. “Well, I hate entertainers and sporting icons , and feel that they are undeserving of the accolades that most of society extend to them,” he snapped.
“Ah Ha” , I said. “So who do you find admirable” , I enquired? “Mother Theresa , and Gandhi,“he said. They contributed to mankind, and further I would not have allow any of my children around him based on the allegations, he further added. Tell me, would you have allowed your 18 year old sister or young daughter amongst former President Bill Clinton of Lewinski fame? He went silent . “Tell me of a modern American you admired” , I again asked. “Mohammed Ali,” he said. “The draft dodger , and criminal country hater according to many early Americans?” “Well, that was a good thing.” I was willing to play along with my young naive colleague , until he also exclaimed to my dismay that he admire Norm Chomsky. “Go read his book Manufacturing consent .” “How about Rouge state?” I chimed in as I turned up the music of the king of pop on my I pod. "Man in the Mirror" Change indeed .
Michael was an idealist , until his death. Today President Obama, Americas new moral leader is begging evil men , and closet terrorist tyrants both at home and abroad to " unclench their fist."
Not sure if James Von Brunn, the Nazi sympathize, and racist, pro KKK 89 year old shooter was listening.

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