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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Historical Amnesia, and Post Racial Societies.

Abraham Lincoln once said “I do not care what my Grandfather was, I am more concerned about what is Grandson is going to be.” Fine words some cynics would say for the man that successfully traded his early humble log cabin existence, for the illustrious mansion later referred to as the White House, ending up on the winning end of America’s racial segregationist Civil War, got a bullet in his head for his efforts, and finally got his faced on a statuesque rock on Mt. Rushmore. This whole scale historical amnesia trend did not emanate with the 16th President of the United States however, but was habit of one of country’s prominent founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson as well. Who can fail to remember the awe inspiring words of the Constitution writer which began by saying that “All men are created equal?” Though touching to many today, back then another founding father John Adams though enthralled by the brilliance of his political nemesis, and fervent arch rival, he was simultaneously befuddled by the life of contradictions. Adams was said to have viewed the morally bankrupt Virginian political leader Jefferson, with some apprehension, as the latter never had the decency to provide an official pardon for one of his females slave ‘baby mommas,’ and the several illegitimate children he eventually fathered with her. Centuries later, the half black grandchildren decendants had to resort to legal means to obtain the dignity and recognition they deserve, as decendants of thir distinguish white Grand Father.
As the nation prepares to support Barrack Obama in his quest to build what some political and media pundits like to describe as a “post racial society,” I hope that many won’t forget the price paid by black African slaves -and millions of their decedents then and now -in the interest of the nation. Far too often their cries of neglect are ignored by others too quick to dismiss SUCH issues as that of lazy, shiftless, and over dependent childlike adults eager to continue and feed like piglets particularly at the hands of the state. No other race on the face of the earth seemed to carry such a burden, as for generations many sacrificed so much, and received so little in return.
Obviously Historical amnesia is a very pragmatic political solution for budding Utopian post racial societies and world. My only concerns are that proponents are not too selective in dishing off negative labels, and unrealistic expectations of the many that have made the early down payment as they silently provided freely of blood, sweat and tears to build societies, nations and continents, but are still awaiting reasonable, modest, modern returns ,for such early and costly investments.

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