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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is Ignorance Bliss?

I am not too sure where blame if any should be leveled but there are many grossly important things that Americans are unaware about ,that could have serious implications for long term well being. Now don’t be fooled by any media hype to the contrary that attempt to convince you that such ignorance are limited to only high school drop outs, blonds, and kids of wealthy elites destined to be future leaders that are guaranteed success, power , and upward mobility irrespective of how little they actually know about the world they wish to control. Did someone silently whispered a certain Yale Yuppie, Texas Ranger manager, and now Bible trumping Crawford Kid in Chief with a couple million innocent lives at his disposal for war mongering games?
Since most of us know by now that what’s goes up, must come down, we’ll start at the top with present Presidential contenders Obama and Mc Cain. One can only hope that by now the Black Senator from Chicago knows that race still matters in America, and that the King of Pop Micky Jackson made a false proclamation that it “ doesn’t matter if you Black or White.” Should he Obama continue to refuse to control that feisty ‘baby mama’ until election come November, the only new drapes he’ll be measuring in January 09 will be at his 2.5 million dollar posh residence on the rich side of South Chicago.
By the way, he did look good on what Republican enemies called his political rock concert tour across the globe. He needs to however to ask himself whether eloquence before 200,000 screaming and ecstatic Europeans dying for a leader with a pulse, or as he remodeled his speech between Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew while traversing the West Bank can translate to votes in middle America that hated his memoirs about ‘dreams of my father,’ and anyone south of France and closer to his African grandparents homeland.
Incidentally my dear buddy’s African American girl friend and her mom, have not registered to vote as yet , nor do they apparently have any idea where the Democratic or Obama Headquarters is located in their district in New York . They however claim to be ardent Clintonites over the years, as they did well by black people. What fallacy I thought.
As for the veteran Arizona Senator, former Navy Captain, Son of an Admiral, and war prisoner, he believes that such credentials set him apart in terms of experience. He is also of the view that he really possesses a much better grasp of the racial problem in the country than the partial black Senator because his own wife adopted a black baby from Bangladesh long before Madonna or Angela Jolie decided that such practices were vogue and could bring huge dividends. On the matter of his political strengths – the 100 year war in Iraq, he does not know the difference between the two major fractions of Sunnis and Shiites Muslims, but can talk adlib about surge successes and Paris Hilton Bikini waxes as she rival the celebrity Obama who is not in Mc Cain’s words fit to lead, because he is too popular. One should not be too though on the maverick seventy- two year old Senator that graduated 894th out of 899 in his military academy, as Blond hair lawyer Dan Quayle , former VP for Bush 1 could not even spell potato and so never got the chance to even vie for commander in chief.
If however you thought it was rough at the top, consider the dilemma at the lower spectrum of the food chain. Take a matter such as women’s health care and in particular cervical cancer that is killing some 3,700 death out of 9,710 new cases per year in the US alone. It might be surprising to know that average high school age girls does not know or cannot differentiate between a Pap smear and flu shot. I recently overheard a conversation between two young ladies that were obvious high school drop out and frequent recidivist prisons practitioners. The conversation went something like this, “Do you know about Pap smear, or ever had one?” The first asked. “Yes,” was the reply,”while I was inside, they placed me on these stirrups, opened me up and poke something inside of me. They thought I was pregnant, although I told them I could not be.” She exclaimed. “I had to give the old creepy doctor the evil eye because he was staring too closely at me down there. I still prefer male doctors she finally ended with a giggle and a pop of her chewing gum. The Pap smear is no big thing,” she finally said. Thus ended an important health lesson in modern America in the 21st century I believe.
Again , I won’t be too tough on these young troubled kids ,as the black Afro American girl friend of my buddy holds a 4 year degree from a good University in America, and has no idea what the Black Power movement was all about, or who exactly was Afro Caribbean Trinidadian born Stokley Carmichael its creator ,when asked . As a matter of fact she might just believe I know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were the real pioneers of the Civil Rights movement. Breaking news , even with the Florida election charade that allow George Bush 2nd to acquire power she would still have no idea that black men are disenfranchised as a result of incarceration and perhaps could care less , since as I indicated she did not register to vote ,or knows not where to go. Martin and Mr. X must be turning over in there graves, as this ingrain cancer call ignorance is gaining huge grounds , but is it bliss I pondered once more?

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