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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Biting off More than One can Chew, or the Audacity to Dream

“Barrack will rid the world of nuclear weapon the headline,” screamed the headlines. Now did, I hear correctly? That’s a very tall order I mused, or is it simply that some liberal media editor pro closet Clintonite is at it again, practicing another alleged satirical move aimed at destroying this noble Senator future Presidential legacy. One cannot help but bring out these conspiratorial theories every now and again. At the same time I feel a bit of sympathy for the confused national media, as they are not used to this brashness, and really have no old playbook from which to deal with him and his spunky wife. Could you remember how similar enemies -or friends if you feel helped put the nail in the coffin of the President’s father in the 80’s before the ‘end of history’?
Yes ,this Yale old school liberal Republican made some funny comment about “Read my lips, no new taxes”, and had the audacity as well to say it on record -and the rest as we say was history. You might recall this was soon after the Reagan’s revolution that he called ‘Voodoo economics’ even as he fervently smiled and supported it for 8 years as VP. We all know how that turned out for the former CIA Chief that made history in being the first head of state, to arrest a sitting head, bring him for trial to his own country , convict and put him away for close to 100 years . The American people had as much sympathy for the Mr. H Bush come reelection some four years later, as they had back then for Noriega the ‘School of the Americas bully,’ and Panamanian drug lord. We’ll leave out for the time being as irrelevant how he got to power.
Let me categorically make this claim here and now. People are beginning to get a bit wary about this Obama kid. Some are starting to worry if he can be able to finish a first term at this rate. He was against the war and did not vote for it. He supported spending because he is for the troops. He promised to bring home the troops within the first few days of office. He wants to talk to Iran and Cuba. He is angry at being called a Muslim by the New Yorker. He is against turbaned women in his picture on TV. He believes that many good Muslim Americans are out there and love them all. He believes Israel is under treat. Now this historic pronouncement, the very week he plans to go to the Middle East region to break bread with the troops and attempt to convince them that the man who spent 5 years in a prison camp don’t really care about them , but a double Ivy leaguer that never wore a boys scout uniform have their backs .
Americans have been generally very proud of their achievements since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since those two atomic weapons fell in Asia her supreme position on power has rarely been tested. The USSR is no more, and the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan is moving smoothly according to most distinguished military and political circles. A significant part of this had to do with the presence of 35,000 nuclear weapons that still existed in the world, with 5,000 warheads still on trigger alert since 1998. Many would be trilled to know I am sure that the combined explosive yield of these weapons in the stockpiles of eight countries led by the USA was estimated to be approximately 5,000 megatons, or about 200,000 times the explosive yield of the bomb used in Hiroshima. Better yet, most will be overjoyed at the fact that since the end of the Cold- War , 13,000 of these weapons are deployed with 4,600 on high alert and are ready to be launch within minute’s notice. The UN,Non – proliferation Treaty or not, moral responsibility aside, Iran, North Korea double standards, whatever, Americans generally enjoy the sense of power they have rightfully owned. One man wants to do end all that sacrifice, by getting rid of nuclear weapon. Let’s wish the future President luck, as he would need it. Americans would have to get use to the optimism once more by a young idealistic President. Hey, they went to the moon with the first Irish American President, any this is possible. I still believe that he has bitten off more than he can chew, but so did the Clinton’s party machine and 20 million ardent supporters. So also did the other five guys he beat out for Harvard Law Review President. Talk about audacity- of hope I mean.

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See Summary of Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission Reported entitled Weapons of Terror: Freeing the world of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. 2003

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