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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A word to the wise is enough

Recently in Denver, black Jazz singer Rene Marie was nearly tossed in jail, and given life imprisonment, followed by the death penalty for committing the most abominable and possible outrageous crime in the history of the State since Basketball player Koby Bryant alleged rape of a white groupie hotel cleaner, and local all star player Carmelo Anthony was pulled over for driving while drunk and black simultaneously. Her crime was, having the gall to switch on local officials at the Mayor’s State of the City address and sing the black national anthem instead of the familiar nation’s national anthem. This ordeal or for many of the distinguished and white official was endured for some three minuets and the Mayor speech 12 minutes and caused and uproar that nearly necessitated the intervention of the National Guard all the way from Iraq where they are all now stationed. Denver as many know might be a liberal and tolerant state that might allow 5 year old Sally to have two mummies and all such freaky things such as hugging trees and saving spotted owls, items are all geared to send the blood pressure of any Republican up the roof, but are not interested or find in amusing to tempt fate and their patriotism in that manner.

There definitely seem to be something wrong in this era with these liberated Afro American females, some Denver citizens must be thinking just at this very moment. First it was the uppity Ivey leaguer, Michele Obama debating her love for America even when she works last earned $500, 000 per year, no longer live on the South Side of Chicago, owns a house valued at close to 2 million and may soon be allowed the privilege to hang the colorful African Kenti cloth in the Lincoln bedroom. To compound that, black men are no longer joining the military in droves, her husband wants to end the illegal war on day one, and might just be secretly contemplating allowing in 2009 Mexican illegal immigrants the chance to be recruited from near the Arizona border across from and just to irritate Senator Mc Cain and his ultra patriotic millionaire wife Cindy.
The Obamans might well be forewarned, there is so much Americans can tolerate, but this is not one of them. Now it’s possible that every right wing nut, from Bill O Riley to Hannidy to Rush might just blow a fuse in outrage. If this singer never gets another musical contract in her life just like those exotic Country and Western gals Dixie Chicks -who dared to condemn next door Texan neighbor , the Crawford Kid sanity for taking the country to war- then she have no one to blame but herself , and further would not be able to cry discrimination . Let me let her know as well that the Supreme Court is soon going on vacation and have no intention of hearing her future case when she appeals the life and death sentence that she’ll get because her state appointed free legal aid lawyer gave her shoddy representation. She could have gotten the best lawyer that money can buy just like P Diddy, or Snoop, Buster, or Foxy Brown but believing that jazz is still important as hip-hop she took a chance. Would you care to bet that even she cannot tell when was the last time she sold a record, perhaps at her 16th birthday some 30 years ago? All I can say to Ms. Marie is that this is a shameful act and she might have to own up her responsibility and faces the consequences for her oversight and blatant non patriotic fervor so blatantly.

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