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Friday, June 27, 2008

Passing the Buck, Loyalty & Merit of Ouija Boards

Every once in a while a few media pundits and historians enjoy putting out their love fest meter and try to decide who was a great President and who was a dismal failure. It doesn’t really prove anything or change the minds of ideologues within the fan base of both prominent political parties , but makes the so called experts look important so that they can get invited to future conventions, Presidential libraries christenings, and funerals where appropriate. Almost like what occurs often with movie and food critics, if you get my drift. Can I say free passes to watch more boring movies, and extra portions of tasteless foods in the future for doing hatchet jobs on the opponent’s movies or restaurants? I am also talking about Presidents that blatantly break the law and try to weasel their ways out either with a brazen lie , feign ignorance, or to simply pass the buck to some low level , non elected official that quietly resign and await a Presidential pardon down the road.

Now that the war drums are being pounded in Washington and parts of the Middle East for another preemptive strike on another troublesome nation, it is not a bad time to reexamine the twisted legacy of Ronald Reagan. To many American that experienced the humiliation of Vietnam, Richard ‘I am not a crook’ Nixon, and the Bible toting Peanut farmer peace nut from Georgia, the entrance upon the stage of Reagan was welcome. Yes he was a two bit second rate actor from Hollywood that many knew was not too bright, but he looked good , said his lines well and in essence worked the script that was trotted out ever so often by his handlers correct? Hey he was believed to be a though guy, and that’s all you need to put the fear in hearts of the loonies in places such as Iran.

I remembered well that immediately upon recognizing that Uncle Ron would assume power handed over those poor suffering embassy officials, did he not? Not only that, it was the Gipper’s toughness that solely won the Cold War correct? I say to hell with Gobachev and his Glasnost and Perestroika mantra. What do Nobel revisionist freaks know? It was Ronald’s command to ‘break those walls down,’ or else, that did the trick. But I digress; Reagan was great except for one small blimp. He broke the law and it involved Iran, Israel, Nicaragua, Contras, anti- Sandinista, Oliver North, National Security Council, illegal weapons sales, anti-communism, allegations of arms trade for hostage, destruction and withholding evidence from Congress, acceptation of some culpability for misdeeds by the President , fourteen administration officials charged , eleven convicted and eventually pardoned, including the Secretary of Defense. Not a bad record by one of Americas great President I think.

Now let’s fast forward to today and see what we have. The ugly specter of Iran looms again. We also have two pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that threatens to make Vietnam, and WW 1& 11 together look link spitball child’s play in your backyard as you await another portion of smoked ribs. You have a restless and agitated Israel, jittery and humiliated Sunni Muslims, and scared Shiites especially in Iran looking up in the skies to see when they are going to get attacked. Most importantly you have and American people that are paying dearly in the high prices of oil and gas, as well as a stagnant economy and lack of national guards as well and depleted resources to strengthen domestic infrastructures, that will ensure concrete protections at home against natural and man made disasters. You also have a Best Selling Author and generally incompetent former press secretary about to testify in Congress as to whether he know for a fact if the President or one of his Machiavellian hatchet men and or handlers ,ousted a CIA operative in some sort of vengeful and vindictive retaliation for her political cantankerous husband.

Now there are those that find politics to be boring and lacking intrigue, but yet would sit for hours and watch a car race four hundred times around a track, or grown men beat horse race to a finish line - go figure. For guys like me and the perhaps the late Tim Russert, politics is everything, and can get your adrenaline flowing to almost similar degrees as shall I say sex? Anyway think of the ironic role of winning the Presidency and its importance for a Presidential pardon. Without President Ford, Nixon might have become the first President to go to jail. Without G H Bush half the Reagan’s administration would have also followed that route, and now without John Mc Cain the President would have to see his future grand daughter from prison after impeachment for an illegal war. No, I do not mean that, as American Presidents do not go to jail, but their underlings do. Watch Karl Rove, you have been warned. There is more than adequate time to still find a country that does not have extradition treaty with the USA. You got to move quickly however, these countries are running out. Libya is no longer a rogue state; they are now our good guys since Qaddafi saw what happened to Saddam and changed his ways. Remember if Obama wins so would Iran and Cuba, as he enjoys talking and open negotiations. Say no to covert operations. It rhymes well with “say no to drugs,”doesn’t it? Hey, who moved my Ouija board? They can be so useful when trying to figure out important domestic and international affairs. At least that’s what a famous First spouse of a great President thought, and it just might still work.

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