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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Win, Win on the Virgin Continent

A question was asked recently in one of the popular black journals magazines as to why South Africa is the most popular choice of destination for most Black American whenever the thought is made to visit or do any form of investment in the Virgin continent. My response is usually the same, make a visit to South Africa and you can recognize why. It is the most developed and advanced in all of Africa and a stroll down the streets of Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town, would clearly indicate why. One can easily mistake it for any large US metropolis such as New York, Miami or Chicago. On a more important level, it is the African country that African Americans feel the most affinity with, and this is for several reasons. The African American history is one of struggles, trials, and tribulations. It was laced with blatant racism, and subhuman behavioral treatments at the hands of a majority Europeans population and power. The fact that many have been able to overcome it with an unbroken spirit while still holding on to the fundamental ideals of the country is a testament to an ingrain resiliency and strength.
In similar fashion, black South Africans have experienced the same problems and are attempting to forge a life of their own in peace, dignity and respectability after years of the an exploitative ,bloody ,racist ,Apartheid system . It was the sustained sacrifices and efforts of many African Americans both in America, and collaborating with their South African counterparts that those fundamental changes for the betterment of Black African occurred. A common bond has been forged that I hope can be encourage for some time to come. Think of the mutual love admiration and connections between Nelson and Winnie Mandela, as well as Oprah Winfrey, the Black Caucus, Randall Robinson and Miriam Makeba as the first step in a budding relationship that I believe should be the way forward to shaping a renewed American interest as it benefits in the process of helping the Virgin Continent reach it true potential in much the same way that Churchill’s England played for the devastations caused in Europe after the WWII destructions . It is that serious.
I for one have given much thought to this issue for some time, and firmly believe that the only way for African American to fully advance as a people is to first understand their prime roles and responsibilities in helping America to again assume a sound and prudent leadership role in the world while simultaneously fully enhancing the lives of all its citizens and peoples at home. It cannot be done by ignoring Africa. Imagine if you will what America would be today without the strong and vibrant Europe that has emerged today all because of the sacrifices made since 1945.It was this consistent foreign policy that supported financial Aid packages like the Marshall plan, created the UN and all its sub agencies, placed undue military pressures on the former USSSR in her back yard Europe that enabled the USA to remain the sole Super Power along with a multilingual Europe.
Can you imagine for a moment, Europe where the sole language was German because Hitler and his henchmen had their way? It was primarily because of this commitment with Europe that America was able to flourish. It was first able to provide a haven for some of the best minds that Europe and the former USSR had to offer as they flew as immigrants from the tyranny and degradation in Europe for a more stable and young vibrant emerging power. WWII helped stimulate the US economy as they country serviced the war. Women were empowered in the absence of their fighting men in Europe, and upon their return the GI bill was created and helped promote the emergence of a grate generation of emerging and educated middle class that American historians often boast about.
I am almost certain that certain levels of racial pride exist by Euro American when ever thoughts are made by them on the state of Europe today. With few exceptions those feelings are certainly mutual. It is that same that can ensue should African American and by extension its political leadership can develop, if a closer bond can be made in defense of and promotion of Africa. It can be troubling at times to see the pragmatic and close relationships that are also taking place between Asia and the USA, both economically and politically. Sure there are fall outs from the Cod War, but the Asian Tigers, as well as China and India have still emerged irrespective of the presence of benevolent despots that gives lip service to Human Rights in the region. In the Middle East the relationships are chiefly economic and strategic due to the presence of vital oil resources, as well as close bond with Israel.
It is time to redefine American vital interest. No better place is more poised to lead the way than the Virgin Continent building on the backs of trailblazing leaders before. The time is ripe for a more realistic immigration policy that might prove beneficial for all concerned including future elected officials. Africa is known to be the richest continent in the world with lots of human potential and natural resources. This can only be exploited in a positive manner, when peace and yes security prevail. No one wants to trade with Africa, yet few mind making links with some of her more dangerous leaders to benefit from its natural resources with limited returns for the people. This can change as peace security and economic prosperity takes on new meaning. Who said a win, win situation cannot prevail?

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