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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shame and Non- Empathy in the Family.

The first Black female Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was high in praise for her bosses’ administration decision to wage the preemptive Iraq war in his effort to retaliate against Saudi Terrorist Bin Laden for his attack against the United States in 2001. It is also the 53 year old view that the world is much safer as a result .This 2003 invasions has produced some 30,000 wounded US soldiers along with 4,107 official dead ,as well as countless Iraqi civilians displaced and killed. To the former Ivy leave Professor, all is still fine , as she keenly look forward to heading back to the quite peaceful life she left in academia at the Stanford campus to continue to be “active in educational causes” , particularly for “underprivileged kids”.
Let me throw some stats to the Professor who entered college at the ripe, mature age of 15 some 38 years ago. The incarceration rose from 300,000 in 1970s to 2.2 million today , but has not produced much of a dent on crime .Further, reports by the WHO indicates that US youth homicide rates is 10 times that of all leading industrial nations with 1 out of every 100 is now under the control of the prison system. Each day in America, according to President of the Children Defense Fund Marian W. Edelman, 4,302 children are arrested. That is further broken down to 1 in 3 black boys in their 20s as opposed to 1 in 17 black girls. By midyear 2006 approximately 579,000 Black Males were serving sentences, while only 48,000 earned a bachelor degree that year.
I am extremely happy to see a caring black leader like this is about to head back to this premier educational institution to deal with some of these underprivileged kids. I certainly believe that they would welcome some attention as they were certainly neglected during her stewardship. The violence in our inner city has been appalling, and every day at least 80 people are killed with guns, which is the leading cause of death in the country. I would hate to make too much of a stretch here , as I know that the psychologist , social workers and other social science experts would be quick to focus only on the many economic disparities that exist which may be true . Some may lament the intervention failures, and emotional imbalances that might force kids to act out violently against each other. I wish however that few patriotic psychotherapists will pay some attention to hasty decisions to run to war by out elected leaders. What message can that send when the world sole superpower is not afraid to be too quick on the draw with limited facts, and less regards for consequences.
We demand that out kids use restrain and dialogue to deal with problems, as well as frown on bully like behaviors when they occur. But next time Johnny girlfriend refuses to kiss him and he exercise his recently upheld Constitutional Rights to have a gun, and he decides to do another Columbine or Virginia tech massacre remember where the precedent was set. It was in the corridors of power in Washington, with the support of Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court warp up in one. It is a case of “do as I say, but not as I do,” perhaps. I am happy to know that the President’s personal advisor, national security adviser, and Secretary of State will now give some attention to this problem in 2009, as she expressed interest to return and refocus on educational causes, and underprivileged issues once more. The last few years rather,

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