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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Professor Sam Cook :Cupid's Love Theoretical Genius

         Ever since Papa Adam woke up in the garden of Eden ,devoid of a rib, next to his beautiful woman  Eve,with promises  to love ,cherish , and adore ,for the rest of his life, we humans have been searching  for that sometimes elusive thing call love. Of course ,things got a bit murky when Eve slept with a serpent, got naked with Adam , produced twins Cain and Abel , only to have the vicious Cain kill his docile brother, then go into a distant land ,to marry a woman , that  was supposedly his sister, since no one else was on earth apart from fallen white turned  Black satanic angels . Are you ready to finally burn that Bestselling ,fictitious, King James Bible as yet?   For some cultures , affairs of the heart decisions  are  made for them , as parents dictates the love matches ,based on families requirements, financial needs ,and  wider political desires.
     For others , blind faith is made to Cupid , the God of love , in the hope that he would do as Sam Cook suggested, of shooting his arrow into the sky , in the hope that it would fly straight to a lovers heart, and so bring  joy to desperate souls. Are you buying? Since like many,  you  too might also  live your life  vicariously though that of celebrities , I am going to highlight the lives of  a few  personalities ,and have you decide  for yourself ,whether Sam Crook theory was correct, and can help you find love via this mechanism. 
  It’s Football season, and Black Quarterback superstar ,Michael Vick is on the verge of full redemption , while located  in ‘The City of Brotherly love ,’ Philadelphia , and that’s a good thing.  Incidentally , I   recently spent about an hour traversing the city ,and had a wonderful time. Speaking of potentially great quarterbacks , anyone recall the murder of former Titans quarterback,Steve McNair , who was found dead in Nashville , allegedly from violent actions of  his  20-year-old  obsess ,Iranian girlfriend? Sorry Steve , for you had to learn the hard way, what the vows mean, “till death do us part.”I am not saying anything , as the FBI , and great Tennessean Cops ,might be still investigating this murder suicide  love feast.

     Nothing makes for more intrigue that politics, and the lives of politician, especially in America. Since we are undergoing a depression ,and experiencing two foolhardy wars today, how can we forget one of America’s greatest President in FDR? Not only did he help put this country back to glory, but married his cousin Eleanor, and cuddled  his girlfriend for years around the white house on his lap ,while riding on a wheelchair,which proves that love is possible under any circumstances , and or condition, agree? 
    Speaking of Presidential love , and not so Presidential potential ones,Democrats , Republicans , can be   fun to watch, if you enjoy the occasional social macabre . In efforts to jump start his political career in Arizona, Republican war monger maverick ,John Mc Cain dumped his then ailing supportive  wife, after returning from Vietnam fighting  , to marry a millionaire beer heiress. 
    Three Southern gentlemen in Newt Gingrich , John Edwards , and Mark Stanford ,as well as the two North Eastern socially moral stalwarts, Jim Mc Grievy ,and Ellot Spitzer, are the mirror of  love ,and decorum , as to how to  mix love ,and politics , even as Cupid tries to find it’s mark, but don’t try to emulate any of these guys, one can suggest, if there is a heaven , and you plan to go there one day. 
  62 year old Nobel environmentalist , and turn coat sexual predator Al Gore, just dumped his wife Tipper of some  50 years companionship, for an ugly 54 year  masseuse, that looked more like his great great grandmother from Tennessee , by way of the Mayflower. Go figure.
    Now if you thought that Cupid got it twisted when it came to sporting  icons, and power obsessed  political heros, then what would you say about most Hollywood in secured , social cretins ? Yes we were blessed with the Soap Oprah  lives  of Liz Taylor,  Brangelina / Jennifer Aniston , Mel Gibson,  Eva Longaria, and Sandra Bullocks, and Madonna, but they all pail in comparison with the man many Americans claimed is a great actor, wonderful movie producer , and wholesome human being. I am referring of course to Woddy Allen. Let me just state for the record, that I would not watch a single of this  psychologically demented character’s movies , or have him near a living child of mine or even  my enemy, that’s  over the age of 10 , after dark, even if you paid  me a million dollars ,and threatened to throw up into the NY  Manhattan East River blindfolded, and in handcuffs. 
    Then hey , who are we to get between folks, that are simply adhering to the dictates of Cupid , the God of love.  Just sing with me and Sam .“Cupid draw back your bow , and let your arrow go , straight to my lover’s heart ......

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