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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The good, bad , and ugly

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." 

    Has Generation X, and Y lack of concern for  seemingly boring , scio - economic com political affairs , after the euphoria , and groundswell of support for Obama in the last General election, a better explanation for his party’s polling misfortunes yesterday?
      As many of you might recall, technologically savvy , first time young voters ,played a significant role in helping to propel newcomer Obama to the pinnacle of political stardom, over much more experienced candidates Hillary, and Johnny Mac the Arizonian millionaire , gunslinging lifetime political Maverick. 
    With the help of Facebook , the skinny kid from Hawaii ,armed with His Harvard / Columbia Ivy education, and a former South side Chicago babe ,with the well chiseled  African body,and equal educational pedigree, was able to  outspend and out-message all contenders, and the rest we shall say is history- health care reform overhaul, car manufactures /banking bailout ,stalled  stimulus package , Afghanistan war expansionisms , Iraqi base construction, Iran war posturing ,yes we can for the Middle Class , Upper Class and anyone else that cannot vote since they remain locked in prison, and such contentious political affairs. 
 How are you feeling today I enquired from a  decent  guy that works in my building , the day after the much anticipated Mid term election?Well, I am happy , and have bragging rights on my Democratic colleagues , and the Republicans are back on top in the House , he said. ‘  
 ‘So you are anticipating another Newt Gingrich Revolution  Gridlock  ,’ I further pressed, remembering the sorry state of affairs that occurred in Washington , when the then loquacious  Speaker of the House , felt he was capable of parlaying his insignificant position as Speaker all the way to the Presidency , over His Slickness,Clinton of Mc Donald French Fries fame, with the then Hillary  - com-Monica 4 am problem , no pun intended? ‘I think that the GOP learned their lessons back then he countered, and would be acting more responsibly this time around,’ he countered.
 We continued along this amiable back and forth vain for a while ,as I shared a laugh with him about his  extremely liberal  son  who he claimed was a  pro tax , present Columbia law school student, who he had to remind that he  as dad had to subsidize his education , and still keep his room ready , in the event he decided that the grind of life was too much ,and he wanted to return home.
 "That’s kids for you," I reminded him. "Very little care of the ever shifting realities ,and so their ideological experiments."    We both agreed that the next two years are expected to be very interesting ones, for all concerned, from the President and his party , as well as his competing rivals from the GOP , and equally potent Tea Baggers.  Will America shift to the Right , or the Center , and will it be  good , bad , or ugly for ordinary Americans?  
Stay tune for further analysis, on the just completed  4 Billion dollar Midterm election, as well as other insignificant affairs ,in the Land of the Free , and or Plenty,as well as home of the Brave ,yes? 


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