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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Obsessions of the Majority & Emerging Minorities

Ain’t life Grand ? Just for the record, it’s really for everyone, but Black folks -that is.  On the streets the question is often asked ‘why is everyone hating  on me?‘Usually this statement is  applicable to when someone is very successful, and others becomes envious, as a result.In the case of ‘Global Diasporic  Africans,’ the hatred has nothing to do with their wealth , fame , fortune or glory. Every one would find a way to despise them ,at the drop of a hat. Should you doubt that ,then  Just ask ‘Uncle Barrack   O -Dharma’ and his dear wife, or better yet, Don Imus , the one time ‘drug fein’ turn radio personality.
If still not satisfied then the 'moderate,' pill popping ,bombastic ,phony ,neo conservative, Rush Limbaugh would provide ample evidence.

    The Obamas  did everything correct by America expectations , outside of becoming Republicans like Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and Colin Powell. They worked hard, love their family , and country, went to the best schools achieved economic ,and political success, and yet cannot get a break in the corporate , unfair media . The same media that remained sound asleep when G.W Bush destroyed the sterling  surplus economy he inherited from Bill, including indulging in two ill- conceived wars , are all getting their jock straps , and knickers in a twist less than two years into America's first Black President's first term of office. Go figure ! 
    Americans adored Nancy Reagan , even if she was interfering with every thing that went on in the Whitehorse during her husband’s  reign, and remember ,she always had that famous  Ouija  Board close by ,to help decide the merits or demerits of a domestic or foreign policy from Voodoo Economics deregulations that we are still feeling the rippling effects today to Iran Contra illegal guns for drugs scandal , that the Gipper conveniently forgot that he signed off on.
    Today ,more than half of America hates Obama , if the skewed polls are to be believed, but that was never big news ,as this was always expected by us the more astute , that are are aware of social and political trends in the land of the free, and well aware that he did not become President of these United States, due to the pigment of his or that Princeton / Harvard  educated wife’s  skin, but the content of their brains when compared to the alternatives-John Mc Cain,and his   then mentally challenged running mate ,Sara the Alaskan Firebird Palin. The big news as November election rolls around  however ,is that we have a new category of voters, or rather a swell in the ranks of a particular segment of the swing vote  population , that gave GW power over Al Gore and John Kerry, and Obama over Mc, Palin, and Hillary last time around. 
    Leave it to the ‘Tea bagging closet  Republicans,’ to claim that Hispanics are the new Asians. Now what I wish to know is this, if Hispanics are elevated to this new lofty status , the question that should be asked is , what has Asians evolved into? We are absolutely certain it’s not Black, since we have already established that no one wants any affiliation with the latter, unless such possess  Oprah’s  Money, Obama’s power, Spike Lee influence, Michael Jordan skills, and Beyonce gyration abilities along with her abilities to snag borderline billionaire Raping business magnate as a spouse . Did I mention that the mid term election can be a very intriguing event  this year?   Why again is everyone hating on Blacks again? Even Tiger woods and his mama  , want’s nothing to do  with them.
Then perhaps , it’s not really hatred , but just obsession for a different reason. That’s it!
 Mariah ? 

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