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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Political Blowback, in the absence of Peace,& Nuclear Proclivities

 “To talk of maintaining peace through balance of power, or through the treats  of nuclear deterrents , is foolish.The might of armaments can only produce fear, and not peace. Through fear can come only hatred, ill-will and hostility ... suppressed at times , but ready to erupt  and become violent  at any moment.” 
Walpola Rahula 
What the Buddah taught.
          September is always a busy week in New York Manhattan, and no, it is not because Kenyan runners are  suddenly plotting  running strategies around the city, on how to win perhaps for the 20th successive time , another converted NYC Marathon.Let’s face it , but the guys and gals from East Africa are great, and pretty soon Europeans , Americans and the rest of the world might have to send running coaches to the Rift Valley ,to again relearn the art of running. The prize for the American or European to win a race by touching the finish line at number 50 or 55, just does not have the same appeal, but  I however digress. 
    September was particularly exciting this year for several reasons. The first was that the Iranians are in the town , and one can be guaranteed some sort of controversy, to the same extent that one can expect Paris Hilton to flash her colorful underwear while exiting a car en route to Japan or Europe so as to get  her private , as well as airport security in a fit , a fading Rapper call HI , or perhaps TI , on the verge of launching an album, would be caught with a gun ,and a bag of weed, or some spoil half drunk , insecure kid,perhaps  with the initial LH ,would breach some drug probation requirement , and write about it on twitter , to thumb her nose at the system , knowing fully well , she won’t suffer a similar fate as some poor Hispanic slob from South Central , or the leading ,gang banger from Reverend Ike Turner High School in the Bronx NY.
   Fresh from his victory in the Gulf , after defeating the United States again , only this time without loosing a single soldier   like was done during the Saddam Hussain pro American  10 year odyssey,Iran  is riding a high , as President Obama finally decided to  temporarily close shop in neighboring Iraq, and take his carpetbags to Afghanistan , where no oil can be found so as to sustain another war like that which converted Iraq back to the stone age after seven years of fighting.
    You know that you  are in Zoo York when a inconsequential statement by President Ahmadinejad  of Iran ,has blood boiling across the state, to the extent that a gruesome murder in Bronx NY of a  Nicaraguan diplomat can hardly cause a ripple of national  human sensibilities  pulse meter, of the Media /Financial Capital of the world.

   Well, again the murdered victim , is some inconsequential foreigner, and so , it might not matter  to many , when compared to whether Demi Moore, 15 year junior husband finally decided to cheat on her, or a Tea bag Republican NY gubernatorial  candidate Carl Pal, really plans to “take out” a sleazy NY Post reporter , and not one belonging to Fox 5. 
   A minority enclave in the  Bronx , gruesome death, there you go , another drug deal gone wrong many are thinking. One person even question why a member of the diplomatic community would choose to come and live in such a neighborhood, unless he had something to hide- clearly a reflection of how naive folks are as to what transpires in the real world .

Hey folks, all nations are not created equal. In addition , what one group might consider a 4th class neighborhood , or even a Brazilian favala -like slum, others , might just think otherwise.
   Remember when that country Nicaragua was the enemy, and not Iran, or when  President Ron, the Great Communicator  , Lt. Colonel Oliver , Admiral  John  Point , and CIA  DJ  W. Cassey,broke the law, to help one ,via the other? 
    Try and figure that twisted tale ,and I would explain to you why ‘Read my lips George Herbert Bush,’ was selected as Ron’s  VP , and  the reasons for him in turn  extending pardons to almost all the crooks involved in Iran Contra.
    That  historical anomaly stinks from  the Middle East , young  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, high heavens,  all the way to the White House , ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way, thank you very much ,and good riddance  Mr Peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter ,our much maligned , yet  beloved 39th President.
 Talk about Political Blowback. 
   As the Iocquasious leader said, “What right do they have to make such demands on us? Based on what legal system or what international regulation and law? Exactly where do they find the legal basis to demand such things from our people? Whilst they are enjoying nuclear energy, they are telling us not to?” Now what does Uncle O , the Nobel Peace monger , and Commander in Chief, have to say in  return
 It's your serve, Mr President. What’s that senior advisor , you are attempting to make a call to Israel, India, Pakistan- the perpetual ,recalcitrant , anti NPT , non signatory states. Hey EU ,how did you bring recent  American anti nuclear ally Mummer Quadaffi aka the Peace-nick, around to his new way of thinking?
What do we have here, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Judaism, all rooting for war , mayhem , violence and blood-shead. What say ye oooh wise ones!

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