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Sunday, September 5, 2010

'DeBlacksunGod ' Reincarnation

     From Sudan to Nigeria, across Black America's  Prisons , and  the  rest of world where Africans were dispersed ,it's the same old story , and  the impact of religions has made a mark. Can you believe that the black man had a religion  for over 2000 years before the derivative imported , transplanted and imposed nationalist ones  came to be accepted, via conquest, enslavement, or conversion. Notice as well that everybody ,but Africans, worship’s a god that physically resembles them . What exactly occurred, and how has this affected Africans psyche? 
      In keeping with the tenets of basic Human Rights, we should defend the right of everyone  to  practice a religion of their  particular choice , however one would be remiss in not trying to enlighten oneself ,as to the distortions that exist across the globe, when it comes to the question of religious history , as it affects Africans.
   We know for example ,of the Queen of Sheba, and her links to King David  and Judaism , allegedly via the Bestselling , but questionable, Christian Bible. It was due to a Liberal Republican G H Bush meltdown , that the State of Israel embarked on a wonderful PR exercise to bring their Jewish Black brothers to Israel , in like manner to their white counterparts across the globe- and for that they were handsomely rewarded, as these new transplants were relegated to fourth class , lower caste citizenry- and that's a tragedy.
   Who can forget a few  African American transplants that miss the Guyana Jim Jones airplane , but landing in the land of Israel , after  giving up their country of birth , for another ,they perceive as their home.  

How the   fate would play out , for both discriminated groups in the Land of Israel, Christians and Islam  ,is anyone's guess. Die by the Islamic , Asian , Arab , European , Russian ,and  Persian bomb , or the Israeli non existent bomb.  
The records on  the atrocities committed on behalf of Islam are legendary from Sudan to Nigeria. As one leading Historian scholar  claimed ,many of the Black Muslims , as Arab  rape byproducts  , are often , more Arab, than the Arabs themselves, and that's the tragedy. 

   As millions are slaughtered in the two largest states in Africa, and corruption,as well as blatant Human Rights abuses ,and mismanagements continues, Arabs, whose ancestors  contributed to the problems initially in the Continent of Africa, stays on the sidelines ,and twiddle their thumbs , while a multitude of scapegoats are brought to the fore ,as explanations for the unending tragedies. 
In the mean time such Arabs, led by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria ,Yemen, and the likes , expects global sympathies ,as Americans with Europeans  help , in turn, attempt to bomb them back to the stone age, Bedouin life ,for pro terroristic  behaviors, practices, and support. That is indeed , a sad tragedy.  
 Finally, it’s Christianity’s role in helping the profiteers of  African slavery, and subjugation of a people, both physically,and psychologically.
 True, Christianity did do some good for the Virgin Continent, but equally, that religion in subtle fashion ,has contributed to a great degree , in  whole-scale destruction of a people, as many deviated aways from known,tested, and tried, useful traditions, and that too is a tragedy.  

 In both the Caribbean , and the Americas -the predominant slave destinations ,for imperial Europeans-all traces ,and links to a religion as derived from Africa have disappeared.  In Africa today, indigenous religions are almost dead,or performed in the secret closet ,once the invasion of Africa occurred by others.
  Not surprisingly, Africans, are forced to grasp at straws ,as it were , to acquire some sense of self, dignity , and pride. 
Perhaps it's time to reconnect to that which is true and noble ,namely , the lifestyle and teachings of 'DeBlacksunGod,'as given to us all ,  in the Cradle of Civilization. The fact that all mankind ,and by extension religions ,emanated from Africa , maybe that a fine place to start. It is time to put an end to the tragedy. 
Hear ye the voice of  'DeBlacksunGod.'

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