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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Money Luv ,from Americn Heartland to Black America Pigford II, and beyond


 Twenty Five years ago Wllie Nelson spearheaded a live aid , all star open - air music concert , in an effort to give some sort of help for struggling American farmers that were waddling in social ,and economic  despair throughout the country.
  Many were loosing their farms, some were committing suicide , due to indebtedness , and the barrage of uncaring behaviors by  selfish business , and politicians , that somehow   reminds one of   what is occurring today in America the Land of the Free, as we speak. Loosely called Farm Aid ,these  efforts were able to spur huge reliefs, and support for working families as a result of the initial $9million  they were able to  garner.
 Not surprisingly , Willie , and other American Rock icons were able to parlay this into a well established movement , and organization, to continually build , and continually  give back.Having raised some $37 million to date since 1985, and pushing the drive for expanding family farming , away from the narrow interest of corporate industrial  agriculture , Willie and his fellow musicians,thus showed what  good can occur ,if socially conscious folks in any walk of life.
  Today the farming industry is as vibrant as ever, and is one of the backbone of American society. It  can perhaps only be rival by that which exist in Europe- in terms of power and influence-so much so that they are in turn playing their part in helping the  less fortunate starving across the world , by giving where necessary when called upon.
  I am however concern about a small group that seems to be left in the shuffle by equally callous politicians,and  bureaucratic legal agents , and some might even say uncaring  community leaders , or  hard core  activist ,even if they too have needs, and are  crying  out for social justice , with little to show in returns.
 I am referring of course to some 30,000 American Black Farmers  that recently won  $1.25 Billion ,in a long overdue  settlement, the results of decades of blatant USDA discriminations, that was repeatedly  extended to them , as opposed to others.

   What say ye America?

 Now I am thinking that  we cannot sit idly by ,while the hands of governmental institutions are being held to the fire, as Uncle Obama ,  work out his priorities , for white , brown, yellow , and red America. In the interim , there are countless  possible ,immediate actions, that can be undertaken  in terms of help. Here is a suggestion ,a couple of our successful R&B , as well as Rap Artist can swing into action . It is your call Birdman,Lil Wayne, Young Jezzey,  and Teflon Don Rick Ross. 
Brother Chris Brown, we feel your pain ,as there seems to be  no redemption locally ,or internationally for you,  after  your domestic abuse breakdown on Caribbean , musical beauty ,Rihanna, but here is your chance , to forget about the postponed tour that was carded to take place later this Fall  with the ever popular Usher.
   Take the lead , in like manner to Willie Nelson and fellow Rock Pals -to throw some ‘money luv’ outside of corporate America , instead ,towards addressing  issues of   importance. .
 Just think of the likely positive fall out for a United America, folks.
   Folks such  as Whyclef  Jean ,with his Yele Haiti Foundation , and post Katrina fund-raising efforts by David Banner,Master P,Juvenile, Twista, Common, Kanye West, Mos Def, andTalib Kweli , proves what can be done if the will exist.
It's our call people, so let's make it happen.

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