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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Presidential Pretzel munching chokers , & similar axis of Evils: A G.W.Bush Dilemma

   Americans can be sometimes so forgiving , especially to their political leaders, but I am not too sure if that’s good or bad. They forgave Nixon I am not a crook for his racial tirades,Vietnam , and Watergate, as he appeared strong and patriotic. 
     They gave a pass to Ronald Reagan of Iran Contra criminal Scandal  fame ,since he was a good communicator, and allegedly single handedly, ended the Cold War against the much dreaded Reds Soviets. 
    Several, especially outside of Panama, and Iraq, were prepared to do a wink , wink, on one time CIA head,”read my lips on no new taxes,”liberal conservative elite,  G H Bush,for his pitiful political stewardship , and squandering of Post Cold War opportunities, as he once served his country, and nearly died in the process.
     Many now kiss the feet of a certain bumbling neo spiritual , “lust in my heart ,”Georgia Peanut farmer, based on his post Presidency, philanthropic efforts, of lifetime peace efforts, and actions of helping the homeless.
 As for the ‘crem de la crem,’ in His slickness, Bill  Clinton ,this ,suspect first Black President , could not keep his paws off any naive 16 year old intern, or ugly ,Southern gal with a close resemblance to a young Hilary. However , nuvo rich ,dot com, baby boomers adored him without question. This was  either because he reminded them of another Catholic ,Irish philander President ,from American post  bootlegging  ,Royalty,with a strange penchant for Mafia adoring , mediocre actress girlfriends, or simply because he allegedly did wonders for their bank accounts ,during the 90’s successful tail end, fall outs of Ronald Reagan Voodoo Economics- if neocons, are to be believed.
This now leaves us with the Yankee Fratboy, Skull and Bones , under achiever. I am referring of course to Religious Right poster child,Crawford Texan ,called  G.W. Bush, that was born with the golden shovel in his jaws, as well as the perpetual smirk on his face,and an adoring wife named Laura , who would now be leaving prison,and eligible for parole for her hit and run accident , as a 17 year old youth  , if she was unfortunately  blessed with the same pigmentation, as the wife of our  current President O, or the numerous Afrocentric individuals ,her Bible touting husband , got sadistic pleasures in sending to death row , while serving as governor,  of  racial haven Texas. 
       In the aftermath of 9/11, G.W Bush ,America’s 43rd elected President, after first patiently listening to an entire kindergarden , heroic goat story in a Floridian primary school, sprung into action . He made no apologies for not seriously  searching/ going after  , mostly well known ,Saudi Arabian  terrorist,  first in Afghanistan , then eventually in Iraq.    Ably led by Karl Christian Rove , co president, Dick Pork Chops Cheney,  criminal manipulator, fringe lunatic Donald Rumsfeld , and white ,pseudo intellectual, Russian Expert,Auntie Condi, his  callous ,unsavory actions ,  unfortunately, resulted in  the deaths of millions of innocent, exorbitant financial waste,and lost of global soft power respectability , the effects of which are still been felt , especially today for his successor.
Did I mention that Americans , enjoy putting their faith in the hands of  morally repugnant, often second rate  leaders,some suffering the well noted, insecure social malady described as‘delusion of grandeur?’ Well , I just did , and G.W. Bush epitomized this type to the fullest. 
    His 8 years of office were unsuccessfully shaped by  mismanagement, runaway corruption, economic deficits spending, and bankruptcy for millions of Americans. This was due in great measure because of an unwholesome, horse with the blinders obsession,in  his attempting to  reign in three alleged , axis of evil ,nuclear ambitious   nations , in addition to finding an elusive  six feet , bearded ,criminal Wahhabi molded Saudi millionaire terrorist, living on a dialysis kidney machine ,locked in some Southern Pakistan bat cave ,and ironically , with  access to millions of dollars ,scatters across US, and European banks. Go figure. 
       Fast forward to   2010, as  ex President G.W. Bush , not contended to live out the rest of his days in obscurity , in gratitude that the International Court of Justice tentacles are only limited to leaders of Third World countries, so that both him and other political criminals   that hides behind toothless ,Multilateral laws, is still defiantly holding his grounds,  as he touts his soon to be Bestselling Book,’Decision Points,’obviously  written by grateful  GOP , ‘pre tea bagging  handlers,’such as Condi Rice,  and company, with an eye on his tenuous legacy . 
   At the same time this  President , along with many of his supporters ,demands  an apology from Rapper Kanye West ,who once famously  claimed ,that  "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people," in reaction to the President’s  subpar actions in dealing with suffering people during Katrina Hurricane disaster, when compared with others in similar situations across the nation.
   Sorry Kanye the only person that would be apologizing on the grand stage, especially when it relates to anything involving Black People, Bill Clinton our truly First Black President, who apologize for slavery , the day he was kicked out of the lucrative West Side Manhattan, then  forced to  set up residence in gentrified  Harlem , as  phony neo - feminist Hillary, launched her New York Senatorial candidacy. 
Sorry Kanye, I am not apologizing  for calling Bill our first Black President. Guess what ,if Toni Morrison says so , then it’s so. Who should I believe , Nobel Peace  Winner Obama  ,or Nobel Literature Toni ,and Oprah, who was blessed with ‘the bluest eyes?’
 I am not apologizing for disagreeing with the hypocrisy of calling the 3rd President Thomas Jefferson great, simply due to the fact that he was eloquent enough to say that “all men are created equal.”  Instead I will proclaim him as the most immoral President that ever lived for failing to  free his own personal  slaves after leaving office , even the slave mistressSally Hemings , and  the numerous bastards kids, he produced with her ,after nightly rapes . 
    I am not apologizing for agreeing that G.W did not care about not only Black People, but  our children, as many were left behind educationally, during his term of office, and underground in Iraq, and Afghanistan , during ill conceived  wars , that can never be won. 
  Ok then, I can forgive my dear and special friend , for her curiosity in  going out and purchasing the Book decision making ,as it would save me the trouble of so doing. Hi dear friend can you wake me up when you reach the chapter , paragraph and line that , finally gives  us a peak into the twisted  mind of G.W. Bush ,and  hopefully offer some  explanation as to how a grown man, and Commander in Chief  could have choked on a Pretzel. 

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