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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Land of the Free, genocidal, and terror minded

    Went for my usual Zoo York morning run , and this time , thanks to my Starbucks attendance friend, it was Long Beach ,Strong Island, and low and behold , whoop ,there it was, a craft sale, along with a multitude of people enjoying the scenery, toning up their bodies, and exposing where appropriate, for those that care to look. Had a chat with one of the only few Afrikans on the entire promenade , and she was from Kenya, selling , along with her European friend, lovely handmade crafts, including  of chains, and bracelets. Same tribe as Obama father. How interesting. Kind of reminded me of a close friend I had from her country who died tragically in Kuwait border with Iraq,but another story for another occasion.
 Sorry Starbucks  friend , but $12  per person  , 13 years and over ,to use the beach? Something just ain't right , as that  was too much for me , since the part of the world where I emanated from , it's unthinkable to pay to use natures bounties.
Do you agree that  there is no better medium to make a powerful statement , than via a T-Shirt? If so, glad you did.I have been thinking about venturing down that partway for quite some time, ever since  completing my four hours , Learning Annex class, some three  years ago.
  As I strolled along ,my eyes was caught by two very interesting T -Shirts ,which had me almost grinning from ear, to ear. So poignant were the words, and thus , an  inspiration, for today's blog.
    One read, 'Sure we trust our government, just ask an Indian.' As for the other , it said, 'Homeland Security , Since 1492,' and the picture, had five armed Indians, with solemn , and or menacing looks, holding up their ancient rifles ,that did absolutely nada ,to intimidate 'Old Hickory,"Andrew Jackson that genocidal  criminal, that despised all Indians ever born , with a passion. along with the Afrikan slaves ,that dared befriended them , so much so , that he was an ardent supporter of slavery, and favored the removal of all Indians from their lands of choice , so that his fellow Christian  Europeans cousins ,  could flourish unimpeded.
   Oh yes, 'old hockery,' felt that "the best Indian was a dead one,"and Africans were best to remain as they were, in shackles , since all 160 of his personal slaves , as well as that of fellow Southern gentlemen farming businessmen ,served a useful economic purpose, but don't expect to read about this in any glorified history books , written by those selective amnesiac, intellectuals.
So quite appropriate T-Shirt I  would say, and  I promptly purchased one , with plans to wear it proudly, for the world to see. Ah the life of a political animal!
 Just for the record, the folks who were selling  in this particular booth,were from Central , or is it South America, as their good ,now docile, and very  peaceful, Norte  Americana cousins, were either, high rolling casino owners in New Mexico,and Vargas,real estate tycoons ,who occasionally  would  rent trailer parks ,for desperate European retirees on expanded , tax free reservations , or worst yet , perpetually high, from praying to too many unreachable , Eagle gods, while drinking themselves into a stupor, over the  mere thoughts, of what had become of their cherished homes, in these United States, aka Land of the Free.
Ah , but were , outside of our budding handcraft   entrepreneur, are those Afrikans, either on Long Beach, or in this debate on their rights, past injustices, and possible future compensations? Nowhere to be found , in either case, and how sad. Stay tuned folks , and . did I mentioned that it is a beautiful day?

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