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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Post Modern Divide and rule

So when would it end  folks, another sex starved alien decided to end the life of their loved one , and after succeeding , what did they do to cover their tracts? You guess it . Placed  the blame on black males.   Well , now we know what assimilation means in actuality, for some fringe groups that decided to make America their home.
    They jump on the bandwagon , and follow the lead of the  numerically  dominant ,power structure , and so display this by demonizing the one group that everyone gets sadistic pleasure in so doing. Remember Susan Smith?,9171,981921,00.html
 Yes , I know , you still love your  barbarian death penalty , especially if it means , the group that will most likely be affected , are poor , defenseless Afrikan males. 
   What many deemed as still a  racist society , which includes alleged victims like our Pakistani ,Islamist buddy ,and  his criminal girl pal,in addition to  often the entire law enforcement fraternity, the judicial system, and of course , prejudicial juries.  pal 
 This obviously is a Human Right tragedy of mammoth proportion, but let's remain hopeful, over past experiences, yes? 

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