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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Had a nice night of TV viewing last night surprisingly. Saw a bit of the GOP debate , and with the exception of the refreshingly candid Ron Paul , nothing of relevance, really sprang out at me as far as the predictable debate . Let's just say that the woman that affectionately labeled as   Obama’s baby mama Michelle , can afford to order new drapes for the White House come 2012, as her husband will be crushing this dumb down  bunch , hands down. Her bigger task would however be to encourage Afrikan kids in America to eat smaller portions, stay active in some physical exercise, and consumption of healthy meals , which of necessity must include vegetables. Trust me on that . 
 Well, as for the hard core political predictions ,I have been wrong before , and the penchant for many Americans to fall for snake oil  flakes, and con men, who do not have their full interest at heart , is well known. Who can forget millions of old folks voters ,slurping up the cool aid, as given to them by Compassionate fake Conservative , Dick Cheny , and his boss student ,G.W. Bush , then eventually when the dust was settled ,lining up on the highway to head to Canada , in effort to purchase cheap prescriptions,  for their heart maladies, and arthritis later. Congrats , Rick Perry , for you have the  Reagan swag. 
We remembered  the smoking mushroom cloud , and the vial shown to the world at the UN Security Council by an ex military General Powell ,turned politician, and his equally delusional, plantation kitchen friend, in political pianist, Condi Rice, and of course the rest is history, Axis of Evil notwithstanding.
 As a main course , we were treated to a recession , two stupid unending wars ,costing billions per week, and as expected , a somewhat black successor, assuming all the blame for the woes of the entire country , including slavery,Vietnam war, Hitler,genocide of the Red man, and the Black Plague.  
    Thanks  Ron , for telling them like it is . Yes ,we know you cannot win , but your voice , just like Ralph Nader,is still relevant to the discourse, as someone got to tell it like it is. Getting the government off our backs is not some catch phase , but serious business. Cutting spending , must not only be on the poor's plate,, but also for corporate elites, and the military industrial complex. Muslims do not hate Americans , as many want the same things for their families.Namely, freedoms, justice, and peaceful coexistence amongst all  empowered men , and women. 
    Once the political charade was ended , I started switching the channel, and pounced upon the Miss Universe Pageant. Sorry America, not your year. Congrats to perhaps the most authentic African winner I have ever seen over time, and just maybe ,the most beautiful female winner, in decades.
    When Miss Angola Lelia Lopes , was only 12 years old ,as part of a peace effort, I traversed her country , then suffering the rigors of post Cold War conflicts, and continual exploitations by big foreign powers , only interested in it’s natural, and vast resources.
   Hopefully by winning, this beautiful gem of a woman , can help spread the spotlight on another part of Africa , not named Libya , South Africa, Congo , Sudan, Somalia ,and Kenya, as some tend to think they are only places on the continent. 
   The highlight of the night was to see the maturity of the Brazilian crowd ,the majority of which   supported her ,over hometown representative , fully recognizing ,who was the more beautiful female of the 89 contestant altogether. 
 Well done Brazil, excellent showing Lelia Lopes ,Miss Angola  , and great job to the  Donald , with those interactive  fan votes innovations. Now think how spicy the GOP race could have  become , as opposed to the snoozer it has evolved into , if this guy had stayed in the race , and not join those  nutty birthers, bozos , questioning what part of Kenya , or Indonesia Uncle Obama came from.
 Well,that's  water under the bridge , and it’s another day, of politics, causes , wars, and  competing people's struggles. And the winner is ? Your call folks! 

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