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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Strikes & U R Out!

  I swear , if I hear another politician, or public figure pontificate about taking America back , to some distant era , when everything was fine , as planned by the Founding Fathers , I am going to jump off this planet. Enough already folks, for what America needs , is not nostalgia by self serving misleading elites-hell bent on condemning other obvious elites one might add-but visionary thinking , by citizens who appreciate it's role, as a vibrant ,multicultural , immigrant nation ,capable of remaining an enviable   Super Power, that provides political hope ,adhere to social justice,  and encourage reachable economic dreams, for all irrespective of color , creed , race or class.
   Three items grabbed my attention this week , and the almost putrid reactions to them, by most conscious citizens, was quite  reveling, as to where this country is heading. These were first, the  suspiciously sudden death ,of Penn State legendary , Football Coach , Joe Pateno . Secondly , a  decision by an obviously incapacitated Congress Woman Gifford , to finally resign , so as to recover fully from gun shot wounds , inflicted from the gun of a Far Right , ex military, anti people,Pro NRA , gun nut. Finally, there was that  unexpected victory ,of  race mongrel ,GOP contender,Newt Gingrich , in  an economically desperate ,Bible Belt Christian region ,of South Carolina.
    Italian American Christian, Coach Joe  Pateno, was only the much adored ,longest serving ,and  as I already indicated , the most successful College Football Coach, in all of American History. If memory served me right , this guy was  around on the job so long , that rumor has it , he used to have drinks ,with the late American pioneer Quaker ,William Penn, along with perhaps the most relevant of all the Founding Fathers, in Benjamin Franklyn.
   Unless you were living in a bubble on Planet Jupiter, then you too  would recall ,that after doing his part to elevate the anti education ,elitist ,  racially discriminatory , and exploitative  NCAA fiefdom ,through his stewardship at Penn State, he threw it all away , by proving to be a revolting  , immoral fraud , just like the worst that society can offer.
 How did he do that ,you enquire in dismay? I'll tell you , by standing  silently by ,with his usually loud mouth,tightly  closed, during  well known abuses of male kids by his equally despicable underlings . This power obsessed sporting icon , instead of saving kids through prudent actions, decided to help emboldened criminals , and encourage a farce ,that lofty  higher educational institutions, can stand for something , outside of the neo capitalist ,bottom line, as well as corruption.
His shameful , behavior  was compounded by the misguided  Penn State Students, who took to rioting , once he was fired, and the equally immoral phony journalist,and lawyers , that through faulty spin  ,defended  him, all the way to his  grave.
His sudden death , just a few months after this disgusting , episode , can however have some redemptive end, I believe . A new honest debate can begin ,about sports, meaningful education, exploitations of underaged kids, and the quest for equal justice, against the powerful, and  equally ,for down trodden underclass, insignificant, and weaker, fellow humans. Another area that is close to my heart , is the stewardship of NGO 's , as many have been know to fall  short of expectations , and have therefore like in the case of the protected ,social mescrents, at the head of the Penn State,  pedofiliac debacle ,exploited the needy , under the guise of doing meaningful work , in their interest. This preying and misuese of power , for self gain , must be stopped via some sound Civil Society ,Policing action, as the well known , Global Institution, that's presently  entrusted with this task , has failed miserably.
    As for Blue Dog Democrat Arizonian Congress Woman Gifford , we wish her a speedy recovery from this sad tragedy that befell her .I know for a fact that both her ,and her Astronaut husband, are proud members of the NRA, and support  freedoms of all Americans , to carry guns as protected by the 2nd Amendment.
 Let's for the record state that   destructive gun lobbyist, as well as the politicians they cuddle, should not be allowed to misinterpret , and mislead , as Founding Fathers were not operating in as modern , and militarily strong , security fortress America, las existing  today. The citizens of this country do not need their own guns , to protect themselves due to the presence of a weak militia, when they have the most powerful military on earth , and more law enforcement officials than any other country can imaging. 
 If he end , she decide's to take up the fight to make the NRA obsolete , as well , as strike down the anachronistic 2nd Amendment , then she can be a well deserve hero for millions,whose lives would be saved
both nationally,and internationally.
If she can become a champion for kids , who are victims of accidents, School massacres ,
gang shoot outs, and child soldiers activities, via Small arms Proliferation , then she can be elevated to the pedestal of American  cult status  , such as my all time favorite American female leader, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and United Nations Pioneer. Should we be optimistic on this front?Maybe ,we can try.
   Not much needs to be said about former House Speaker Congressman  Newt Gingrich, except that he is an insecure, bombastic , flame throwing ,immoral ,lifetime race mongering ,politically divisive,opportunistic  creature , of the lowest order.
Any success by him at higher office , can mean only harm for this country , and would simply confirm what many across the globe was fast suspecting . Unfortunately , perhaps ,due to faulty education , ignorance , or just moral decay  , this incipient  , empty ,debase shallowness of the American character ,has taken over , and so many would claim as heoric leaders, some of the most despicable human beings imaginable, only to suffer dire consequences , eventually, as history would indicate so vividly. .
  His success was made possible ,mostly due to the efforts of equally immoral, clueless,self proclaimed , anti Mormon ,phony Christian zealots, coupled with ample  financial backings of Super Pac agents  ,obtained from greedy, Corporate thugs, with too much loot in their coffers derived from runaway capitalism.
  I am optimistic that good sense would soon prevail , and the loquacious , rotund Gingrich ,would be relegated again to the political dustbin of history ,where he truly belongs ,with his opaque ideas, one of which I am almost certain , if granted the opportunity , would be to purge America of any one of color -like a certain German we prefer to forget- and worst yet , if if given a chance, re introduce Euro American ,Southern Plantation ,Barbarian slavery, on innocent Afrikan folks.
 These, events to many , are quite insignificant developments, but big picture guys as I am , it remains my hope that via this medium  , it can help you my readers embrace a new perspective- centered on humanist existence.
Land of the free, opportunity , and justice, should not be empty catch words, but vigilence is paramount. It's a beautiful life. Stay tuned, socially engaged, and while at it, Luv Humanity!

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