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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post Depression Politics

So if Newt Gingrich  win the South Carolina Primary today, as many suspect he would , what does it say about America as a nation? How about the following for a start? 1. Hypocrisy is alive and well. Sorry Bill Clinton , and Herman Cain 2. Race baiting has it's merits. Hey Juannnnnas , NAACP , poor Black Kids, and your famous Food Stamp President in Chief!!!!3. Religious intolerance is still potent,as Christian fundamentalist dominate the agenda, not only against Jews , or as it was once, on Kennedy  Catholics, but Mormons as well.
   How about Euro American women , many of whom naively think, that unlike other races of women , that they are truly liberated ,because their male better halves ,claim this to be the case, only to see their men ,find ways,to repeatedly press their faces into the dirt?
    About seven years ago , I had a Sociology seminar paper to do, and toyed with the idea of writing about the merits of Polygamy, as practiced in parts of Afrika, Islamic Middle East , and Mormon country America. In   the end ,however , maybe due to  political correctness , or just because I  did not think that such a topic was relevant ,at the time , decided to give it a rest.
With all the infidelity that has prevailed since amongst married couples  , especially by elected officials, I am inclined to think that  most  collections of people who practice this behavior might be on to something positive?
   There are a few folks I would like to ask to put at the forefront of this debate if I had the power , so to do .   As a lead off ,there is  Barrack Obama , our  first Black President. His Kenyan father , had the best of both worlds, and the rest we can say is history. Mitt Romney , came very close to being a Mexican illegal citizen , as his granddad ran to Mexico to escape prosecutionsfor the love of his three wives . He Mitt can idly boast about his loyal wife, and five clone like boys , but thousand of kids in his state of Utah are part of this , and he is a major silent part .
Sly old fox Newt , has dabbled with the wives of so many other folks , and strayed from the Christian part  so much , that he  should be more than willing to sign a declaration on day one ,of his administration, to make the practice legal , if elected.
   Pity former South Carolina Governor ,Mark Standford, as he  could have been the projected winner today as a candidate, if he had not messed up with his Argentina sexual escapades. Today , he needs an escort to go see his own  kids , as the scorned former First Lady wife,  might shoot him, if he cross her part  alone, in a dark back yard.
  As for Sikh Indo American Governor Nikki  Harley , she proved that the American dream is alive and well, as the cheating female  Republican is much adored by her fellow South Carolinian, with all her imperfections.
Well , that Amrica for you , land of the free, and full of hope. Now it's on to Florida.

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