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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


American politics  is at a wonderful crossroad , and this upcoming election in November might prove how many are prepared to choose the right part  to regain , and help put their country back on the pinnacle , as a globally respected  , shining leader. Yesterday’s  primary elections in Iowa, was quite revealing, both for who won , and loose. The biggest winner for me was Dr.  Ron Paul, a savvy , principled politicians, if ever there was one. First of all , if he is successful, which most establishment groupies are horrified at , he would be one of the first leaders ,who served the military , not as some privileged , calculating  elite,trying too desperately to be one of us - the common folks. 
    Thank goodness we were saved from the likes of  political bozos such as John Kerry , and John Mc Cain.   The former threw away his Vietnam medals long before GW Bush swift boated him , then married his first millionaire wife, on pal Ted Kennedy  expensive yacht, all the while still professing to be a good  pro abortion Catholic , liberal Christian ,that can feel the pain  of ordinary Americans. For that he paid the eventual ultimate price to America's first Yuppie MBA , Yankee -Texan President .
   The latter, stayed three extra years in a Hanoi torture chambers, than he should , then two days after returning home to  America , married a billionaire Beer heiress , after dumping his sick wife , that stood by his side through all his struggles. As for Newt Gingrich , a war monger , broad themes Reganite intellectual? He just avoided his military drafts cycle,  but now does not see a war he does not like , as he  reminds most of  us of a runny nosed , fat , aged   Chuckey doll , with evil intent for young poor lower caste kids, with no role models like his military father, and suicidal mom  was. This serial philandering creature , served divorce papers to his first  wife, on her hospital bed, with no remorse. He then cheated on his second wife while , attempting to impeach the sex fein Bill Clinton.  We  got lost, and really like most , do not care  as to how he evolved into  hooking up with his last wive. Was it before he too became a Catholic  contrite Christian ?Again  we are lost on the actions of political frauds. 
   Good riddance to Michelle Buchman , and never though I would say , I miss Sarah Palin. Let me add , a person who cannot win the state in which they were born,  does not deserve to be taken seriously, as a Presidential contender. It is sad to see reality show , hysterical ,gender politics played out on the grand stage , as this  seemingly educated ,American non feminist , claim that she is the  modern representations of  Ronald Reagan , and his clone ,Margaret Thatcher , her heroes ,all moped into one.  Would have been nice to hear that she too had a scandal  of some sexual nature.
 She reminds me of movie character , in her case it was , Fargo. Bomb Iran , get rid of Barrack Obama  Care at all cost, get government off our backs, pro gun, pro death penalty, pro expensive  wars, pro life ,less tax , especially from the rich, build up America, and all, from a clueless tax lawyer Congress person , vowing to continue as a none politician. Sarah Mama Grizzly ,had her moment on the reality sun , selling books , and parroting ugly ideologies, so watch out for the Bachman psycho team ,  on Dancing with the Stars.
     Not to be outdone, is the calculating, competing  millionaire Mormons  , Mitt Romney , and archenemies ,John Huntsman. Guess what, America hates these two characters , but  both are  sadly ,still pretending as to why this is so, and yet claim to be successful, job creation , business executives.  Sorry guys , ET , and Elvis Presley, has  better chances of being the next  two President of the United States , over you both. One is we believe , dead from overdosing on cocaine,while on his Graceland orgies,  and the other ,is languishing on Mars. 
   You are both from a State call Utah, and part of a religion which condones polygamy, child  brides  practices, and incest,therefore no way does America other 49 states, wish for that  to become the norm , on a wider level. Both gives off a certain aura of sleazy , immoral dishonesty , that many right thinking folks  today, find most reprehensible . Two billionaire business tycoons,that benefited immensely, from Federal , and State governmental pork, yet pretending to be some outsider ,who has the people’s interest at heart. 
   Both inherited their papas money , and privilege , so as to  avoid military service , and hooray for them , but not for millions of other American not so fortunate. Romney crime is to pretend to be  a Conservative , while being Governor to  Massachusetts ,perhaps the most liberal state in all America , and working to out shine the most liberal politician in all of America , in Ted Kennedy. 
    Fast forward to 2012 , and he is pretending that it was Elvis  Presley ,his brother who  created Romney Care, while distancing himself from his past record . Huntsman  in contrast, used his wealth to become a Corporate Diplomat for various Presidents, including the incumbent President , he is now attempting to do a 360 on. 
    This leaves us with the surging Italian , son of an Immigrant, who today promised in true pandering fashion , that if elected , he would  be tougher on mostly colored  Mexican immigrants , than any past  President , including Obama ,h is virtual enemy. You might be correct , that it’s difficult to build walls across JFK,  to keep Europeans out of America. 
       Why do I still feel deep in my  guts , that for all his tough guy , down to earth, media posturing , most American are seeing another opportunistic corrupt , Rudolph Giuliani, each time he speaks- without the pissed off ,ex wife and crazy kids ,that wish him dead ,for screwing around on their  equally crazy mom, of course.
      Just wonder what a Bill Clinton would say to Jennifer Flowers  today  in an unguarded moment ,about this flamboyant Italian , if  he was again  lying in some Motel 6  bed?  Oh yes , he too ‘act like a Mafioso,’ and  therefore , you know what folks across the Bible Belt Southern sports across wider America would be thinking. 
One thing you can count on with these politicians, is their love of an aggressive , robust war ,some where in a Third World country , mainly inhabited by colored , none Christians.
    In 2008 , one nutty  GOP , war monger  elitist ,promised to bomb  Iran back to the stone age , just like was done to Iraq , and Afghanistan , by another elite . 
   Not surprising , Santorum is ready for war with  Iranian  mullahs ,for trying to protect their air space , and oil fields , all under some foolish pretense of preventing them from developing nuclear , and so protect Israel.
    Did I add that there is already a Jewish , Muslim , and Hindu bomb , and all were obtained by folks who gave the middle fingers at the entire international community? 
 2012 , will be an exciting year for Barrack and Michelle Obama , as they redo the curtains for the White House, to start off another four years .Republican are getting adept at proving themselves to be losers, are they not? 

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