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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solidarity via Empathetic Activism

"Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks."
Stokley Carmichael  

       Sometimes  without  meaning to , folks  , can be so cruel in our reactions to situations, they  often do not even under stand . No where is it more apparent than amongst  those  , I affectionately refer to as Global Afrikans. About one week ago , a story caught my eyes, and with no real malice,I twitted a  forthright response ,and thought no more about it. 46 year old Milikah Shabazz,a daughter of the late ,Civil Rights , Political activist Malcolm X,was arrested, committing  ,fraud , against the wife of a  former body guard , belonging to her father. In addition, she breach of probation , for traveling outside the jurisdictions of NY State.

I twitted that outside of the musical Jackson family ,  the  Shabazz ,were  the most dysfunctional, in the entire planet. For this ,I was harshly chastised, in a response  , by one of the daughters , eager to protect her family’s legacy.  How dare you , attack my family like that without showing some empathy , and understanding , she  enquired ? I quickly did a double take , and apologize ,in recognition that I might have  gone a bit over the top . 
  Absentee fathers, I believe is the cause of most of the problems across most Black families. Even worst is the case of lingering trauma that persist all the way sometimes to adulthood. Compound that with the taboo , of fear of confronting , much less discussing them , and so I am not too saddened by the response. Dysfunction  obviously, has derogatory  connotations and so ,I am not surprise at the forceful response.  but a way of saying hey , we have a problem that still needs addressing . 
    It unstated , but well known that  these two men, were of the same mole ,and had similar ambitions ,which included  ,  the full liberation of their people , and elevation of America ,to a morally  just, and socially sound  level. They were however treated differently because of their dissimilar approaches . Both , in the end ,received in  the same venomous blow back from the powers that be.  At the peak of their lives , both were cut down tragically , leaving young ,courageous  wives, to fend  for themselves, and kids , then fast forward  today, what do we see? 
   MLK kids are rolling in financial dough, way up , at the Mountain top , their mama died peacefully , and dignity , in the autumn of her life ,they are all  living  purposeful lives  , while obtaining  national accolades , including commemorating not only a national holiday , a  billion dollar memorial , all at no cost to them personally. 

      As for the Shabazz clan ? With few exception , the all female siblings ,have mainly struggled , with little help , or support mechanisms , while still obviously suffering the traumatic fall out of the white tragedy, and Black betrayal of their father.    Since their fathers came to prominence ,via  differing social  back grounds, their approaches  , and appeals , were likewise dissimilar.   
    It’s 2011 , and  as can be gleaned , the issues that both Malcolm, and MLK fought for are sill  unfulfilled .Yes ,a few folks have excelled , but others still languish far behind. The tragedy as played out with  this arrested daughter ,though embarrassing , to any concerned with the legacy of an ‘American  Afrikan Founding Father ,’ should not be a treated with derision ,but cause time for reflections, and action. 
   My concern is encapsulated in a few poignant questions however ,and here they are.  Has  Euro American , divide and rule, ‘worked so masterfully that folks within the Afrikan diaspora , cannot recognize that  they  historically, got  played for suckers , one against each other? Who is responsible for ensuring that all  past heroes receive the same levels of respect ,and dignity,  they richly  deserves, their kids,  conscious intellectuals , middle class folks, or the solely ,confused , hopeless masses ,on the ground, in need of help themselves?
The  need to begin  dialogues as to the merits of  bridge building communications, remain’s critical , if the end goal is the same.  Not only must MLK get his due , for contributing to the fuller development of this country , but so does Malcolm X, Skokley Carmichael ,aka Kwame  Ture, CLR James , and Marcus Garvey , and the reasons are simple. For proper perspective , and self love , our young kids , need to identify with all their heroes, irrespective to how white , numerically dominant  America accept them. Folks like Booker T Washington, MLK,Maya Angelo , Professor Gates, Barrack Obama , Condi Rice, Colin Powell,Herman Cain ,Frederick Douglas ,Clarence Thomas ,  and Michael Steel,must not be viewed as mere appeasers , for choosing their own part to the struggle, that they deem fit. 
     Likewise,  prudent radicals ,such  Stokley Carmichael,Derrick Bell,  Cornel West, Dr du Bois , Louis Farrakhan ,Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Kanye West ,  Michael Eric Dyson, and Randell Robinson , must be applauded , for having the gumption to stand up , and demand justice , as they deem fit . 

     Many might not remember ,but Stokley  Carmichael had to run for his life and  live in Afrika ,to escape death or persecutions due to his positions , re struggle for the cause of freedom. Pan Afrikanist Marcus Garvey, along with   CLR James, were both deported, the former with the direct help of NAACP founder ,Dr du Bois, who saw him as a treat . The doctor much later,  in disgust, had to run to Afrika, to live out the autumn of his years
 All due to inconsequential differences ,  Malcolm  and Dr MLK , were portrayed, by white establishment media , as diabolical enemies, as  was Malcrom , Mohammed Ali , and   his one time  leader ,Prophet Elijah Mohammed . Sadly though , divided Afrikans  folks, in 'These United States ,'are  of no use  whatsoever , to themselves ,much less America, and the rest of the global Humanity.
     Without the Black Caucus , SA's Nelson Mandela ,would be still rotting in  Jail , under the American and European supported, savage ,racist ,  Apartheid  system.After years of toiling for the cause of global Afrikans , including against racist Apartheid ,Randell Robinson, packed his bags in disgust, and first ran to Afrika , then settled in the  more peaceful tranquil Caribbean, where he now is  focused on issues affecting troubled Haiti.
'Rise up ye mighty people!'

     With the collective hands on deck, history shows , that  the job becomes much lighter, especially for a people still struggling in pitiful neglect, and self delusional power. A people , must not let others define who they should love ,and adore, when all are fighting in the trenches on  the cause for scio - economic - com political justice. ‘Diasporic Solidarity,’ remains a useful key, as it ‘s all about an ‘end game,’ I say.   
 Luv Humanity! 

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