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Monday, December 19, 2011

Silly Season , in the Global Village

        Don't you like me think that the America public interest can never be fully served , due in great measures to the silliness ,  most are exposed to  under the guise of proper media analysis, mostly at the hands of  corporatist, elitist?
   Just heard a few today on the boob tube, bellyaching , over the entrance on the grand stage, of the 27year old new leader of North Korea, due to  the sudden death  his father Kim Jung Il .' He is dumb , and unknown  some  claim , having educated in  some inconsequential part of Europe .
   Yes, but big deal, Koreans got their royalty , and so did America, in GWBush , an  MBA playboy,who only destroyed the economy, support his self serving cronies , working under the guise of some glorified Far right ,Christendom?  
  Last time we checked, he GW ,helped  bankrupt his country , and  in the process,made it more vulnerable to outside treats, via  faulty policies and war adventurism .
  Much fuss was made of North Koreans  patriotic spirit ,with depiction of them ,as a  cultish people, with no political acumen for  resisting tyranny ,  and worst ,almost  that foolish penchant , for crying over the death of their nepotistic  leader, who  it is claimed ,has singlehandedly caused more death via his medieval policies, than could be imagined? Well,giive me a break, ain't Americans still moaning over JFKalong with his girl friend Monroe , drug fein rock and roll crooner  Elvis, as well]l as  Ronald Reagan ,the great trickle down, voodoo economics communicator  , who help launch political islam , starting with his  Iran/ Contra drugs for guns criminality ?
  These  experts  further anticipate  dangers ahead , because  the resource starved  country North Korea, remain  obsessed over nuclear technology, even as  28,000  US soldiers ,are firmly planted on the country's border, two decades after the Cold War. For the record , no country with nuclear technology was ever attack by another  with similar weapons, yet many here are concern about the North Korea's  quest to still advance it's nuclear program. By the way , it is not lost on North Koreas staunchest ally China , the fact that USA only recently began flexing it's muscles in South Asia , amongst  Beijing's allies, a a stone's throw away.
 Sadly enough, the international community will , as customary within states  they deem as insignificant ,drag it's feet, and fall into warlike posture , as opposed to stepping forward to influence the suffering people of that country ,to elevate themselves towards the new century.
     I could have asked South Korea's own Ban Ke Moon, the present United Nation  Secretary General , to start the process of  solidifying  his  own legacy ,as a real leader for Asia, or take a more forceful stance,  in providing  support of Arab Springs protestors, in their reach for  long over due ,democratic freedoms. His predecessor  Kofi Anan , an Afrikan , unfortunately left office , with his ancestral continent , in a worst off position, than he met it upon assuming power.
 Let's those of us with a conscience , continually strive to shine a light into those dark corners, historically ignored by leaders with nothing to fear from  a sleeping media.In shot , the silly season must end, as too much is at stake.
 Luv humanity.

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