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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


                  Forget all that you hear by the various talking heads, across America today on the question of the sad state of the economy , failure to ensure real security, wasteful spending in unnecessary aid to foreign undemocratic countries, and difficulty in holding back China , as the new Super Power. There is absolutely nothing as important ,for advancing this country again, and so make it , that  great enviable nation it once was , than matters relating to much ignored immigration.  
    Are you falling for the all that empty political rhetorics ,about building walls across the border, or rounding up 50 million souls , and send them back to home from whence they came? It’s not only silly, but impossible to push through , due to it’s exorbitant cost , and  logistical  impracticability.
 Can someone tell proponents,, that the majority of immigrants that come to America  , cannot even find Mexico on a map , much less climb  any wall , or  mow  a lawn, if their survival depended upon it. Immigrants for a long time , are folks that looks like you ,me , of all  of us , of different colors , stripes , and social economic backgrounds. 
    Immigrants are generally law abiding , hard working  folks ,that keep the economy of America going. They work under difficult conditions ,often in several jobs, to make ends meet, and without governmental supports , as often claimed .   They are pioneers, that  purchase  items ,and save their dollars, exports items to far off places  back home ,to places like the Philippines, Jamaica,  Ireland, Pakistan, Columbia, Egypt, Sudan , and Israel.
   Immigrants are the business innovators, that help stimulate the economy. Without them ,more than half of America’’s institutes of  higher education would be closed. Only recently ,I observed a study which  showed that almost 15 out of the top 20 Presidents across the Third World today , went to school in America. 
    It’s understood why this occurred , but this unwarranted onslaught on immigrants must not be allowed to continue unabated, especially at the hands of pandering politicians , unable to appreciate big picture magic. From founding  Alexander Hamilton to  German Physicist Einstein ,Black power , civil Rights activist, Stokely Carmichael, and Madeline Albright ,most immigrants once given the chance, would move on to  make America proud, and that tradition should not be discouraged in any fashion.  Take a stand in solidarity with others. 

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