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Monday, December 5, 2011


      It’s called global solidarity , and really reflects the disconnect that folks are feeling across international borders .Many are now saying , ‘ your struggles are also mine. By that they mean , cheap labor across Asian countries such as China, India, Bangladesh,and Mexico , affects North Americans , and European workers alike  ,with  their fast diminishing  expectations , for  decent livelihood as well. 
   As folks in the Industrial world , led by Europe ,and America recognize that they are experiencing a double whammy cost for stupid , senseless wars , whether via lost of lives,by fighting citizens , or billions to support  destructive war machineries , they are also saying, 'no mass,' and the reasons are clear, and that is , one of the inevitable fall outs,  from wars , are  fleeing humanitarian  refugees , who we often have to deal with under different names , such as immigrants. 
    In the aftermath of the Cold War, one of the most devastating effects ,  was the rise , and competitive drive  towards  proliferation ,and  trade of  small arms from the former USSR ,satellite states in Eastern Europe  ,and emerging powers such as China, Brazil ,and even India ,  many of which found their way to even less  developed  countries . 
  So while  we hang our heads in shame, at the humanitarian devastations, environmental  carnage, and abuse of kids in the form of Child soldiers ,in exotic, resource ladened states, such as ,Sudan, Congo, Liberia, Angola , and Sierra Leone, do not simply see the problem in a vacuums,but understand the correlations, and impact of governmental activities in the larger prosperous , peaceful Industrial Northern States , and that of emerging, and volatile regions locked in senseless battles, and fears of old ideological demons , and ethnic rivals., but devoid of once dependable protectors. 
    As you look on at the seeming impotence at  the premier global   organization entrusted with ensuring peace, and justice, a la The United Nations, do not think that such issues, are a mere coincidence, but  instead , under stand,  that it can well orchestrated ploy ,by five nations , who have divvied up the world , to suit their own narrow interest, and so will cajole, and manipulate , both weak, and strong alike,where warranted , and if allowed so to do. 
     The positive blow backs we saw within the past few months, that started initially in Iran,simmered for a while,then erupted in full blast again, starting in Tunisia , then spreading to Egypt,Libya,Syria,Yemen,Bahrain ,and counting.It was given a nice catch phrase ,called the 'Arab Spring,' and was credited to  everything ,from ,social media , to liberal education, women power, Civil Society influences.What however gave the victims in the struggle , and the agitated , locked at the  bottom of respective, socio economic pile, the impetus to continue , was the  solid responses they obtained from others living seemingly ,  much more comfortable lives, millions of miles away.
     Not surprising, politicians of what I amusingly call ,a 'global interlocking elites' bunch, were spurred into collective actions,some positive ,while others not , depending on narrow interests. Another ironic fall out however , was the fact that folks from within the Global North , began embracing the spirit , and actions of their brothers ,and sisters, across the bridge on to the Global South , and so many brought the fight at home, into what is recently  called the Tea Party on one side ,and   now 99% Occupy movements. 
    Moving forward, December 12th  2011, Oakland , will see a massive strike in solidarity ,with Union workers of that state. One of the issues they are fighting is the question of corporate greed , in respect to the seed industry. 
     This obviously will bring a smile to the faces of poor struggling farmers ,on both sides of the struggles ,as they found themselves at the mercy of  profiteering , subsidized seed producers . Guess who would indirectly benefits? You bet ,it's  we the food  consumers. In short , win, win. 
   As Americans take a stand against Police brutalities in  their streets, and likewise states private prisons , correction abuses , they are also drawing much needed  attention , to detained war prisoners in Iraq, Cuba, and other parts of the world ,where G.W. Bush and his pals might soon have to rebut accusations of retentions,and other forms of Human Rights abuses ,such as torture , mainly due to race wars, and resource grabbing banditry. 
     For the record ,this concept of solidarity , is not a novel one , but has worked to perfection from support of Europe , by Americans before and after WW2, to creation of the State of Israel,Irish peace initiatives , by Americans,  Political Islam rise in  , along with it twin brother terrorism .
   How we continue to work together, on all fronts to address common problems , be they economic , political, natural , or man made environmental catastrophes ,spread of ugly diseases , that still plague us ,or Security, and Peace , will be worth observing, but that we must continue to do-  which is to work in solidarity , for common good.
  How old organization can be molded into relevancy, or recalcitrant can be discouraged from attempting to destroy us all, though faulty  thinking, and priorities , will be the challenge.
    I myself ,am committed to the struggle , and would be using my acquired skills , and  reaching across the globe ,to find  fellow  'social progressive humanist,' committed to  this common , positive end.
 Too much is at stake, and so the question remains, ‘were are you,’ in the struggle, and on which side of History do you plan to be caught in ? 
 Time to jump off the fence , and take a stand , as too much is at stake for complicity , and none empathy. 

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