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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Roomy Elephants

      It is obvious to any but the blind ,that 98 % of the  publicly proclaimed , reality TV foolishness,masquerading as politics, across the entire resource ladened ,Middle East region ,and fast expanding globally ,  is  partially linked to the State of Israel, it’s relationship with America ,and subsequently Arab , Persian, and Turkish  Muslim neighbors. What is ignored , under this drama however, are several other  realities, and here they are, for you the clueless, or where applicable, disingenuous.  Islam remains  a  fractured  religion. All Muslims  States , are not equal ,economically. Ethno- regionalism , is alive, and well, between rivaling competitors , which has absolutely nothing ,to do with  the Jews , and their alleged special  gifts from God, of a particular homeland.  
         Tell me folks , but am I the only one, who think's  that conflicts would continue across  the Middle East , and throughout the entire  Muslim world , even if every Jew was to leave that region ,by traveling maybe  to Mars, or heaven’s forbid ,the  political side show that is Newt Gingrich became  the next President of the United State? 
    By the way, do you anticipate much change by the anti Child labor Professor , who purport  to be   concern for governmental waste, and the plight of poor kids ,deprived of proper role models ? I am speaking of immediate cessation of exorbitant military , and economic aid to Israel, Saudi  Arabia, Egypt,and Jordan , who have cost the American tax paying population billions , with limited returns. I doubt it, as theory and reality , often never mix too favorably, especially for $60,000 per speech, ex speaker turned , unacknowledged Washingtonian lobbyist.  
     Not sure how many of us would be surprise , if we work up in the morning , and either read , or see on our Television,  all of Iran ,smothering in rubble , and  oil smoke, after , a Jewish , or  another Christian bomb, was unleashed on them ,while their Mullahs sleep.
    Guess who would be most happy about that fact, outside of a few nutty generals in America, or Tel Aviv? You guessed it, the entire Sunni dominant ,Muslim World, who recently gave tyrants Saddam  Hussain ,and fake Beduin, North Afrikan  cousin Qaddafi ,to NATO , Euro Christian, dominant West, on a platte
     If there is one thing we know about Islam, or Christianity ,  as a religion,  is the fact that adherents historically  , tended to rally around each other, once a common enemy becomes visible. During  WW2 , the unstated enemy for Europeans ,  were Jews , and so,Hitler was ignored, along with the Russian Gulags , and  Whalla ...., the State of Israel was born. 
    For America ,the clear enemy, in contrast , was Shinto Buddhism  , led by then ,  Japanese , suicidal Kamikaze flying , terrorist, al la Pearl Harbor , Hiroshima , and Nagasaki , thank you very much Mr Truman  , for a  convenient ploy, to save billions of young American lives, and prevent the USA from becoming just another Sushi  loving , Asian dominated,  subservient country, to possible Super Power, Japan. During the hight of the Cold War Socialist Soviets , remained the enemies of America, and the so after Afghanistan invasions, neo political Islam new enemy. 
       Fast forward to 2011, and common enemies, have evolved , via the  89 demise  of the USSR ,  are the norm, as  the results , of  successive  war wounded shows , and so called pro democratic interventions made clear , even for the comatose  blinded .
    Sunni globally , naively think Shiites minorities ,led by Iran, are their enemies . Jews think Pan Islamist, are their enemies , and would not hesitate to use every unacknowledged Nuclear bombs, in their possession ,to  either prove that point, or defend their sky God  ,decision to single them out as  his  chosen people. 
   The capitalist militaristic ,war machine Industrial Complex , covered under the cloak of racial  Christian hood, would not hesitate to maim, hurt , destroy, and annihilate every Muslim fiefdom , back to the ice age existence ,if necessary, and no cost ,politically  agitated citizen,recessionary ,economic desperation  , would halt present , and prospective  Commander in Chief , and their Euro Nato Counterparts. No disgruntled, post communist , pseudo capitalist, suspect democratic  China, or Russia , can stop them , irrespective of their influence on the global stage. 
   Did anyone  mention multilateralism,United Nations recently? Oh , I see ,no , because that body is on it’s last breath , in terms of relevancy? 
    Let Peace reign , while  saying  no to  ideological dogma , and self serving egotism. 
  The elephant in the room can be identified , and tamed , in efforts  to prevent it from trampling us all underfoot. 

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