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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Empathy R US

         19 year old Keston Lewis ,borrowed his cousin's girlfriend's car , to take a quick spin thorough a DC neighbor hood , then decided to enter a store, to purchase some inconsequential  item , but that was the last unfortunate act he did , outside of quickly running back outside , after pouncing upon a robbery in progress, upon a robbery in progress,only ,it was later revealed ,to be shot in the back of the head, and tasared.
      Not sure in what sequence,  as  the tale has no logic ,but  just like  an NYPD murder of Sean Bell , who was simply  ejoying his  bachelor party , while  unknowingly enduring surveillance , by white ,over zealous Police officers in a Queens club,  or  that  similar senseless murder ,of Afrikan immigrant native ,Ahmadou Diallo , as he was about to enter his home , and reach for his keys.

   For the record , officers involved in both  cases ,were able to walk free, since mainly White juries could never accept that that good people, looking like they do , could ever be doing anything , but upholding the law.

       Speaking once more , about death, it's 3 pm in Italy , and Keston's 27 year old brother ,who is on a final phase,  of his  military career , when he got a buzz from his phone, indicating that a text was  sent. Thinking it might  be  his girl friend, calling him, to ask , for , or remind him of something , he took a peek , only to see it was from a cross atlantic  cousin in   the USA.
    Your brother was murdered, was all the text bluntly indicated, from someone not cognizant of the destructing effects, of  shocking words ,  be it  uttered indirectly ,over social media , or  in person . It took three colleagues, to restrain the young army sergeant   , from going berserk.
   Less than 24 hours later , he  was greeted at the Ronald Reagan /Dulles International Airport  , by his aunt , who had to postpone a Caribbean  vacation  trip.  8 years ago , her  ambitious son ,was attacked and shot multiple times, by alleged strangers in his apartment, building block, leaving him handicap , dependent on others, and stymying his then education . 
   Every day, she  would look into his fast fading  , hopeless eyes, as  her insurance becomes less useful , , and  seemingly  callous police, drag their feet in the investigation- since to her , Black folks , especially men lives , are expendable , and utterly useless.
       I could not help but  remember that  female California interns name Sandra Levy, whose crime was to   sleep  with married Congressmen ,Gary Condit, then disappeared off the planet, forcing some to speculate  her murder by  her male , influential Congressman pal . Not certain what justice the family got, which might prove something about justice, and sanctity of life.
      Whether it is the demise of young mostly Afrikan males , thousands of  dead war heroes ,  hard working dedicated cops patrolling our streets in efforts to make us safer, a possible innocent victim across the American State murder injustice system , I for one,  just wish many more people would recognize the importance  of a life , and the impact it's loss, can have on remaining family members, once tragically taken away.
 All lives are sacred!

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