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Thursday, December 22, 2011


             Thought I would use this incident of alleged police malfeasance, as it is related to   a shooting of an Afrikan American male in Maryland. This I am thinking can be   my jumping off point, for a  new aged, social activist movement, I found myself toying with for quite some time .  Well ,let’s just say that I have to go into overdrive , since sometimes 'what you see ain’t what you get ', as  some things  tends to be more complicated, than   they appeared at first glance,on the surface. 
 Do me a favor  folks, and turn on any news  forum across America , or rather , scout through the achieves  of  the top 100 news organizations, in the country ,for the past twenty five years , and see how many  cases  of police  brutality , much less murders ,ou'll find of anyone , that is not an  Afrikan male.Just ain't happening. Ok, occasionally an unfortunate hispanic kids form some neglected neighborhood , might get caught in the cross hairs , but more the exception than the rule , I think. Trust me on this. 
    Not saying that Chinese , Koreans, Italians, Irish, Scandinavians, South Asians, and Latinos do not get into tassels with the law , mind you , but that it does not often lead to premature deaths, from thasing, choke holds, or gun shots. Thanks Rodney King for being the poster child of what is terrible of law enforcement in America.
       Recall that recent  I presented to you about  a 19 year old kid, who  ,it was claimed , entered a store that was being robbed , quickly exited , confronted cops , who tased , then shot him in the head, as he was running away?  Well , something did not add up , and being an old school crime fighting guru myself, I  decided to do some facts checking , and low and behold, a different story is evolving as we speak. In short , the dots are just not connecting. 
   In cyber Columbo digital fashion , and other piecemeal info gathered on the streets, it turns out from the authorities standpoint ,   that he tried to rob someone of their Poshe vehicle, while the guy was purchasing gas. The car owner got stabbed  with a steak knife ,in a struggle ,and is now hospitalized in in critical condition . Not fully satisfied , he  decide to take his own vehicle , and  rammed the man’s vehicle, then fled the scene. 
  Here is where it get’s interesting , though murkey. Police arrived upon the scene , after giving chase  of this determined young man, who only halted , due to the fact that in was involved in a three car collision.   
         A good samaritan Afrikan America woman, tried to offer help , but almost got her red BMW hijacked , but this was only thwarted, when a Hispanic male, came to her aid.  
 A female Police Officer finally caught up with him , but he began running away , as she followed. She then got close enough to tase him, but he still resisted , and fought her on the ground. Up came her partner , who requested that he stop, which he refused to do. He in turn then shot the perp. Tell me  something however , can Scorsese, or Tarantino , top that , even with all their Hollywoodian excesses? Did I say his car flipped  over?  Reminds me of Arnold in Terminator 25 , when that alien character refused to die, yes? I am thinking fringe lunatic, or some spaced out destructive drugs folks, so stand by for follow ups on my end.       I  Promise to keep snooping around for the fact on this case , as again , something does not smell too well. An allegedly  good son, still in college ,  aspiring  musician , who lives in the  Maryland suburb with  single mom ,  and a teacher , resort to this ?
  Info reveled that he simply visited a relative in DC , and is now dead, just like thousand of young unfortunate males, unable to understand the words , halt, hand in the air, or where we can see them, and your face to the ground? 
      Breaking news  for your information , that might just spice up the brew, and raise more red flags.Two weeks before , said innocent kid ,  confided to a male cousin, that he was  seriously thinking about selling drugs, which he was allegedly advised not to do.  He was likewise   fired from his job one day before this incident. 
   Reverent Al , Jesse Jackson , is this what it’s like? I just wish to say I have a much more profound respect for you guys. 
  America , we have a problem . 
  Young Black males are endangered , sometimes it’s their doing  as they lack the skills to maneuver,  in the wider society in which they reside, with others restless youths like themselves , brought up on cultures of violence, instant gratifications , and escapist pipe dreams.Other times it’s the actions of over zealous law enforcement officials , who view them as treats. 
There is much work to be done, and folks with conscience , cannot make it business as usual , all while as  an Afrikan Prince ,and Princess ,is sitting in the White-house. Then of course , the jury is still out on .........? Stay tuned  

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